Monday, 27 December 2004

Happy New Year everyone!...

(my first non cryptic title too!)

What a year it has been this 2004. Here's a very fast summary of what happenend to me in this year:

First 3 months: Became an ex bf. Was a wreck for awhile. Parents didn't trust me. College life sucked. Contemplated suicide....... KIDDING!!!

Next 3,4 months or so: Life started picking itself up again. Was in peak physical shape. Could workout for hours even! Gained back parents' trust, which was good. College life was brighter and more fun. Then it happened; cracks in the brotherhood were showing...and i was the one doing the cracking......

Last 3 months: Were the best 3 months of my life. New friendships were forged.College life was at its peak and funnily enough this was the also the worst showing in terms of projects and assignments;absolutely abysmal. Hurt my back again. Haven't worked out in almost 3 months. I have a tummy. A rather bulging one too. Damnit.

I truly believe that i am more grown up now. Heck, more matured even. (Hmm, are those two the same?) Bugger that. I hope that 2005 will bring me more happy memories. To all, have a great new year! See you soon!

Friday, 10 December 2004

R.I.P Dimebag Darrell

I may not be the biggest fan of Pantera nor am i even a supporter Damageplan but i respected and liked his works. To be murdered right in front of so many people while doing the thing that you love the most, that's just sickening as hell. I feel really sad now, not only as a fan but also as a human being. No one deserves to such a pointless death.

Here's a big \m/ to you man, your music shall be blasted forever.

Monday, 6 December 2004

Over the hills and far away...

Under better circumstances, this entry would have been killer. It would contain anecdotes that would have cracked you up so badly, you'd be more cracked than crack.

But i'm afraid it's not to be for i am still extremely busy, exams are around the corner, hell, I even have carolling practise to attend to.

All and all, i wish everyone all the best in their exams and in their lives as well. Good luck y'all!

Thursday, 11 November 2004

A new and improved me. Can it be true?

Oh my lordy, I tell you, the last month or so have been the busiest, the most hectic, the most headache inducing, the most of the most i'll ever be. Doesn't make sense? I know for i am a free man. Make that sort of free. No more rushing for work, just one more project to go and like 5 tests and lastly, my exams and then only i'll be a free man!

The last few weeks have seen a marked change in me: physically,mentally and spiritually. I'll do a breakdown for each:

Physically - I think i've put on some weight due to me not working out. Every time i lift a dumbbell i'll think to myself,"end of tag

" and other various work related shit. All hail tummy!

Mentally - I believe that my stance on certains things have been altered or changed completely. I've made friends with people i thought i'd never talk to in the first place, changed my perceptions on a lot of issues regarding what friendship really is and how important it is to maintain them.

Spiritually - Metal is more than music. It's a religion. *what did you think i was going to say?*

Besides that, i'm the sort of unofficial "Dude to Tease til Kingdom Come". Seriously, i've never been teased or humbled like this ever. Not by a guy but by a girl. Make that 3 girls. Luckily i'm a tough guy.

I think.
All in all,

Thursday, 28 October 2004

Iron(y) is good for you it seems...

I was approached by a classmate whom i've never even made eye contact for more than 2 seconds let alone talked with, came up to me all of a sudden and said....

Classmate: You're Christopher right?
Benevolent Me: Yes.
Classmate: Oh, ok. Have you done your Professional Development project?
Benevolent Me: Yes.
Classmate: Oh, so can you give me your project.

Ok, so i never ACTUALLY said that. So i told him, i'll help you but i ain't giving you my goddamn project which i spent like a month doing and still am. The irony is that the project is mainly about ETHICS.

Well on to a more 'happy' note, the next 12 days are going to be absolute HELL. Projects are due like milk from a leaking cow and my mind is slowing contemplating shutting down.

If only someone could shave my poodle and i'll be a happy boy...

Friday, 22 October 2004

I love red bean possum buns

You know the feeling that you get when you don't fulfill something that's bugging the heck out of you? It's a constant nag, an itch that you can't seem to scratch it off and once you find the answer, you'll be relieved. That's what happened to me yesterday. I did the best U-turn ever in my life. I went and U-turned back to college. Really am glad i did that as the reward was a stomach ache and a sore mouth all caused by laughter. Laughter that if collected, could power up the whole goddamn country yo!!!

Exaggerations aside, this has been an eventful week. Had to rush up a whole lotta shit. I actually did something i thought impossible; I DID CODING. I admit, i'm a total loss when it comes to programming but something happened, i understood. And that was it, the catalyst of my programming might. Oh joy. But i still can't create websites using even Frontpage to save a portion of my cute and pert bum. Oh well...

Ever get the feeling that you're being watched? If yes, then how about the feeling then you're being checked out instead? It's like that itch, only with more malevolent connotations attached.

Man, i soooooooo love the feeling.

Monday, 18 October 2004

A tow truck that's towing a tow truck is so...

.....ironic. What did you think i was going to say?

Life's like that i guess. When you think you're on a path of glory, along comes a ginormous(yes,it is a word) hole that swallows you whole. What was once a bright sunny day is now just pure darkness. Oh well, realization is a bitch.

It hit me like a ten ton hammer. But i'm not that disappointed, truth be told. I sort of expected it. The inability to communicate with another properly was the biggest hurdle and so was compatibility. No regrets though. I managed to get that buzz again, the buzz that there's some thing going between the two of you, the buzz that makes one go all tingly inside and all cuddly wuddly and...oh my...mushy moment alert!...Arghhhhhhh! Must stop! Must cleanse myself!


If only i had a tow truck...

Thursday, 14 October 2004

Is it safe for me to run with scissors?

I've always liked that line. Normally when i hear people saying that, i picture this really pudgy kid in my head, running like a lightning bolt with his terrified AND very pissed mom chasing after him. Then the mom catches him and then proceeds to spank the little devil's behind into high heaven. Ah, sounds just about right...

Oh well, that's my (morbid) thought of the day.

Oh my does time really fly. It's like this, time flies fastest when:

1.You are having fun(ie getting drunk just by smelling a can of beer, hanging out with friends until the wee hours,doing *wink wink* things).

2.When you're bored (ie whole day just rotting and waiting for dinner).

3.When you have a bajillion work to do(ie no examples needed since this is really self-explanatory(i hope so)).

All in all, i'm 'suffering' from all three. It's not that bad but when you think about it, it's pretty scary. Just like The Ring, now THAT'S a creepy movie.

Friday, 8 October 2004

Gimme your best shot. I'm ready.

This has been the fastest week ever. No joke. It went by so fast, i can't even remember what i did yesterday! Well, i KNOW i didn't leave my car keys in the car again...

As it is, i have exactly one bloody month to complete 4 projects. While 4 may look little but the work involved, is well, let me put it gently, is TREMENDOUSLY THE SUCKY MANY. I have tonnes of research to do, organizing my groups so that each member has something to do and remembering the respective deadlines for each project.

Don't you ever question yourself why is it that you can think about something or someone so much that it doesn't give you a migraine at all but if you think about but your mind and soul screams MURDER! cos you're taking 10 minutes too long over the colour of your underwear.

Now if you would kindly excuse me, i have someone to think about...

Monday, 4 October 2004

Of trapped keys and crappy tests...

Oh my, what a day. "You have to send your sisters to the LRT station!!!" were the words that woke me up today instead of the sound of my watch's alarm.

That however, was to be the start of my worst Monday ever...

Another catastrophe that happened next was in the form of spilled petrol on my hand. Not a nice smell. Felt like puking. And i needed to pee very badly.

I then rushed home; took my bath like the buffalo i was and ate my breakfast like i've never eaten anything for the past week. And my hair wasn't properly prepped too. Drove to my friend's place without giving a damn about the other people and promptly reached there 15 minutes late.

Then it happened... The catalyst of every major shitache for me... I locked my car. Without taking out my keys... And to add to my already miserable state, a dog decided that trees aren't the 'in' thing anymore when it comes to leaving his scent, so my tyre was deemed the most suitable replacement. I hate dogs.

To cut a long story short, my dad came with the spare so a sigh relief i breathed. But fate decided to deal me another shitcake, this time by making me do incredulously inane things like poking a twig into the key-hole. The twig broke. I can't open my door... More on this later...

Had a mock test today. I didn't do much revision. So there i was, sitting in between two buds of mine, smiling at each other like zombified cabbages because we knew nuts. It was hilarious, some tried surreptitiously to cheat by looking at their notes and look into space if the lecturer passes by but even short-sighted yobs would have guessed what they were actually doing. I love the subject and of course, the lovely and well-endowed nerd of a lecturer .

Then went back home, took a different road, friend had a minor car accident and i managed to shove that twig down to hell and finally i drove back home sweating like a pig on a roaster!!! Yay for me everyone!!!

This has been a very long post and my fingers need rest. So take care everyone and if you ever see a dog come near your car, kick the crap out of it....

Friday, 1 October 2004

I didn't get to play with any lanterns this year :(

I've come to the conclusion that green tea flavoured mooncakes will take the world by storm. The taste is so good, you feel like gorging on them at first sight.


It's the 1st day of October today and boy does it feel ever so frightening. This is because deadlines for project submissions are just looming around the corner. I can't stress enough the fact that we have to push ourselves in order to finish up the projects ASAP. Ideas flow like a river whenever we have meetings but output usually end up as trickles. Not good at all this is.

It's funny that when you're online and using some IM program to chat with someone you know in real life, that once you see them in person you end up not saying a word but instead give out million dollar smiles. What's so difficult about asking each other,"How was your day?","Why do you have mustard on your ears?",etc but when you're using a keyboard you sound like a regular Casanova. Communication is vital in any human relationship, i really do believe that. So why the bloody hell can't i say anything more than "Hello" to her?

Life's a big ball of misery when you choose to be miserable...

Wednesday, 22 September 2004

What goes up,must come down.Crashing like a comet...

Wow.Just when you thought you're on top of your game,along comes shit to bring you down to earth.My presentations are legendary(hehehe),always eliciting insane laughter from the crowd,lecturers included.But it only takes a single mistake,a tiny slip in judgement and BAM!You're mauled by lions. Lions within yourself that is. For that happened to me today.

Honestly,the praises i get from my friends telling me that they enjoyed my presentation,i tend to play it down.I make myself as modest as possible because that's what i really feel.I know i'm able to pull off cock and bull crap when it comes to points i have no clue whatsoever but today was an eye opener,both for me and my friends.

For the first ever i was lost for words.My brain frozed.All eyes were upon me,amazed that i could actually screw up in what it seems is my speciality.Never will i underestimate presentations ever again.I was ashamed of myself.Thankfully i managed to redeem myself when one of my friends asked a question and i answered it pretty well,in fact,it was of my normal standards.Ceh wah....hehehehe......

This coming Friday yields another presentation and this time i will nail it.I will nail it so hard even Thor's Hammer can't take it out. :)

Wish me luck people and keep bringing on the compliments....

Sunday, 19 September 2004 bean mooncakes...mmm...

Wow.The week really flew by me like a bullet train in Japan.I've finished one assigment so far and it feels great.Which is also timely because another assignment,a killer in the making,has just been dumped on my lap to be accomplished by November.

Damnit,i so love my course.

I've gotten my second semester results and i'm pleased to say that not only have i passed all but also with rather colourful grades attached as well.What makes it sweeter is the fact that i thought i was going to fail at least 1 subject and do tremendously terrible in another.

While i celebrated my surprising yet pleasant success,my good buds who didn't as well were contemplating whether or not to shout at the top of their lungs or simply,die.I feel bad.But at the same time,in some sick way,glad that they did fail.I really hope that this will only make them realize that doing things last minute and not giving a care about their studies has to stop.NOW.

With that said,i'm going to treat a certain someone a packet of M&M's....

Sunday, 12 September 2004

Time really flies when you're having a life...

I just realized that it has been already a month since i started my 3rd sem.Wow.And to top it all off,i have to hand in an assignment in about a month's time,2 projects are due in 2 months and more are coming.And not forgetting,i have other matters to attend to.Which leaves me with little time for fun.Or so i would like to think.You see,the pleasures of entertainment is far greater than that of a programming project.Coupled with the fact that i have problems involving the opposite sex,my life just got more interesting and complicated.Yahoo.

As i forge new friendships,i have sort of 'abandoned' my old buds.All i can say is,i don't care.They're still my good friends no matter what.I grew up with them,seen them change hairstyles,help them improve their English while mine deteriorates,done immensely stupid things that always never fail to bring out the laughs every time we reminisce about it.But these are people whom i can relate to far more easily than i ever did with my buds for they're kind of like me in some ways.Their definitions of life resembles that of mine and that is bloody refreshing.For a change,i get to be more of myself with them as opposed to when i'm around my buds.It's hard to put it in words but to simplify every thing;i'm enjoying my life more than ever,my studies have significantly improved and i seem to be better at charming the ladies....

Ahhh,life...a most wonderful thing.
And them girls too....

Sunday, 5 September 2004

The country's screwed and i'm the screwdriver..

It appears that after turning 47 just last week,Malaysia is still a big pile of ding dongs.Where else can you find old men drinking beer in the morning talking about how Jalan Kuching was messed up the night before?Or where else in the world do you find traffic jams caused by people who stop all of sudden to look at something that never happened?Absurd?Yes.Stupid?Hell yeah it is!But is this what makes Malaysia,Malaysia?F**K YES.

We may bitch about the current state of Malaysia but we hardly or don't even see the good points.We complain about the weather being too hot and then when it rains we start cursing,we bitch about waiters being rude and stupid or taxi drivers driving like tortoises on leashes.But of all the above makes Malaysia truly a great place.I'm proud to call myself a Malaysian though i wish metal would be more widely accepted....

Oh well,one can only dream aye?
Hsppy Belated Birthday Malaysia. :)

Saturday, 28 August 2004

Blimey!Sri Petaling has zit inducing air!

The air over there it seems doesn't like me.Every time i go and eat at any of the eateries there i come back with zits.Arghhh!Or was it the horrible Maggi Goreng i had for as my dinner at 1 am to be cause of my outbreak?

I attended my college's Cultural Night.Or for a more accurate description,Indian Culture with some Malay and Chinese People Here and There Night.It's true.But i guess that's what you get when the committee is made up of almost entirely of Indians with a couple of non Indians in the mix.But that's not the point and it shouldn't be as well since it was all about having a great time.And great fun indeed i had.I did things that not only contradicted my M E T A L beliefs but also things that are so not me at all...


I boogied.I jiggied.I had my hands up in the air.I shooked my bloody booty for crying out loud!!!And by the end of it all i was drenched in my sweat and mybody aching from all the jiveing i did.But none of that bothered me.No sirree.It was the best fun i had in a very long time.

But the best thing that happened and it is something that i will always remember was that i forged new friendships and strengthened others.I'm happy to say the least as i've gotten to know more a few people i thought i'd never get close to.I'm glad that i went,for the experience and the fun i had with my friends is truly amazing and special.

What a wonderful night it was...

Wednesday, 25 August 2004


Why do i keep thinking about you?
Why do i feel that you're looking at me when i do the same to you?
Why do i wish i was braver so that i may have a decent chat with you?
Why do i get goosebumps every time i see you?
Why don't you come up to me instead and ask me out?
Why do i feel for you in the first place?

And why do i keep asking these questions when i know the answers?

The opposite sex is making me mad at the moment.But i seem to love it...

Friday, 20 August 2004

Nasi lemak vending machines are the shit.

Phew,the last 5 days have truly tested my patience,well-being and sanity.I'm gonna keep everything short and simple.*actually i don't remember much*

Monday : First day of 3rd sem and it felt pretty good to be back among my friends.It was also odd in a way because even though the break was 3 weeks but it felt and looked as if only 3 days have gone past.We all settled down pretty much instantly,even groupings were finalized.All in all,not much happened here except that i was a pussy and didn't gather my courage to talk to her more,to get to know her better.

Tuesday : Pretty standard stuff happened.Did some studying and made fun of people as usual.Was made representative for my stream and for the first time ever,i'm not a leader for one of my subjects.After being leader for all of my previous subjects abd and now i'm just a member and taking orders from someone else than me,it felt pretty weird.And shitty too.Can't boss people around anymore.
Still didn't talk to her.

Wednesday : Was quite beat from yesterday as i slept around 2am,got up at 6am and class was up to 5pm today.Crap cakes indeed.And guess what,i'm not a leader for another subject!!!Wow,i'm getting used to this.Watched Ed and i must say,this is one funny show.
Still didn't get to talk to her.

Thursday : Horrible day.It seemed that everyone was tired,including yours truly.It was like a 'let's all be tired!' procession.Am finally leader for one subject.
She didn't come today.

Friday : Holy cow shit! What a jam today.While my friend was sleeping soundly,i was busy trying to weave in and out of traffic because i felt like sleeping my ass off.Really really sleepy.Reached college with about 10 minutes to spare.Wowza.And i wasn't the only one with eyes that were all droopy and so wanted badly to sleep.That is what Friday can do to you i suppose.Had a mini presentation where i had to present my group's version of a nasi lemak(or rice fat) vending machine.I made it a comedic act and managed to illicit rapturous laughter and guffaws from the class.She must have enjoyed it,since i could see that she was laughing a lot.And so did her friend...

I missed my chances to talk to her and her friend,sigh...What is wrong with me?I'm such a sissy.Maybe i'm afraid of being rejected.That would suck indeed if it happened.

Arghh!!!What the heck,i'm going for it.No harm in trying right?

Thursday, 12 August 2004

Of popcorn,soft drinks and Arabians...

Ah,the cinema.The only true way of watching a movie nowadays.Gone are the days of watching pirated VCDS,the jerky camera shots,the horrible sound quality where i can hear some old lady eating popcorn with her mouth wide open and of course,watching it on a tiny screen(at least for me though).Instead,i go to the cinema and guess what?I get even more pissed at the cinema!

The minute i step into the designated cinema,the foreboding sense of pissed offness creeps in.Firstly,i the seats.They're small.I'm a big boy.I have large thighs courtesy of my days as a former lard tub.Then the arm rests are damaged and in some cases even missing.What the hell?How in the world can it be damaged?Or worse,missing?Did a disgruntled movie goer destroy the arm rest in frustration because his/her popcorn was not corny enough?Mind boggling.

Next up,the ads.Some are funny like the currently being-played-in-cinemas-now-ad Jennifer Aniston one for Heineken,she looks pretty there for some strange reason.hmm.Some of it are so bad,i don't want to remember(actually i really don't remember)AND I REALLY THOSE BUGGERS WHO LAUGH AT THE MAXIS AD WHERE THEY ASK YOU TO BE MORE COURTEOUS WHEN IN THE CINEMA BUT IN THE MINUTE OR SO,THEY'RE HANDPHONE GOES OFF AND THEY YACK AND YACK FOR THE WHOLE CINEMA TO HEAR,GODDAMN BUNCH OF HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES!!!! Phew....

As much as we tout that are cinemas are quite advanced.It's all a bunch of lies.People skins are yellow or blacker according to the race of course,the sound system is ear drum unfriendly,it's either way too much bass or too much treble and the seats are just terrrible!!I already mentioned the seats haven't I?Hmm....

But overall the thrill and excitement of catching a movie in the cinema is unrivalled,especially if you're going with a bunch of friends.I particularly love it when after the movie,we will enact some of the scenes again which usually are superbly hilarious.I'm being modest here too.*hehehe*

And here's a big tip: NEVER EVER SIT NEAR ARABIANS OR BETTER YET,GET OUT OF THE CINEMA IF YOU SEE THEM.They will translate the entire movie in their own language,to their family members whose command of the English language is limited to,"Where's the lamb?",WHILE THE FRIGGING MOVIE IS STILL BEING RUNNING.And better yet,they'll even yell if there's action scenes.Yep,nothing like a gun fight peppered with some Arabian yelling "Kebab!" at the same time.Great fun!!!

Oh well,can't wait for Aliens vs Predator.It looks cool.Hopefully as an Alien is tearing a Predator into pieces,i won't hear someone saying,"I love camels!" or i'll be pissed.Extremely pissed.

Monday, 9 August 2004

Who wants a butt whoopin'?

It's been fairly a warped week for me.I think i'm suffering from some form of man-period.My feelings and emotions have been up and down so often that i've a headache now.You see,as much as i love and respect my 'brothers',i'm beginning to distrust them and at times,even hating them.

Everyone loves a joke right?And when you're in a gang that's made up of some of the most fucked up people on the planet,jokes never cease to run out.Then there's the teasing.A little here and there is cool with me but when it becomes too often and when i become the butt of it,EVERY OTHER SINGLE FUCKING TIME,it gets downright hurtful.I may sound like i'm bitching and all,even being too sensitive but what if said that you're style of dressing is terrible every time i see you?Or if i said,"You're stupid",will you smile?It may be a joke to you but after hearing that "You're acting like an uncle la" for the 666th time is both annoying and hurting.I know they don't really mean it but c'mon?What if i said that you're actually an Ah Beng,conforming to the dogmas that are preached by Sg Wang's Ah Beng commnunity?Or you're an asshole who just likes to drink alcohol just for the heck of it.And now you lie right to my face?That's simply low.

I keep quiet,simply because i'm the better person.This may make me sound like a complete fucker but it has to be said,without my help in the many projects,assignments and even the help i gave when we had exams,they would have failed.Failed brilliantly i might add.Who was the one rushing to finish up work knowing the due date is nearing?You and your nonchalance just brush me aside and say that "I Dunno Lar".

If you all are reading this and you have a problem with what i wrote,all i can i say is;start acting like a man and face me like the goddamn pussy that you are.

Saturday, 31 July 2004

The name's Chris.And i'm weird.

How is everyone? The week has gone by pretty much at lightning speed.I've 2 more weeks to go before i go back to good ole college.Sigh..According to one of my friends,she said she's having a blast with her 3rd sem.Yeah right,APIIT is not a college known for it's generousity when it comes to workload.Everyone supposedly has to slog it out.I used 'supposedly' because this only applies to people who actually DO THE MAFARKING WORK.And one of these people happens to be dear ole me.It's been this way for the past 2 years of my college life.Work gets dump on me and when it applies,my team,but the bulk of the workload gets done mostly by me and 2 of my mates who actually GIVE A DAMN about the work.The rest just loaf around,shaking their heads and shoulders and then have the audacity to utter "I dunno la".It is a sentence so violent inducing,i have to tell myself that spending the rest of my life in prison and rotting with a guy named Bob because i strangled my friend.

Why do i still tolerate these bottom feeders of a team member?The reason is simple:They're my friends.As inane as it sounds,i still do not have the heart to kick them out or scold them for their inability to even think.Oh i've done it before,i've kicked my best friend out once and went berzerk because of incompetence a couple of times too.And yet they still remain nonchalant.Their future is in their hands but their hands are too lazy to even hold a pen to write down what they should do.But i tell myself,in the end i will always end up the better person.I've always done my part and more,i always learn far more than i'm supposed and i feel good about myself at the end of the day.That is what really matters.To feel that you have accomplished something from nothing and then get praises for doing a great job indeed,that is enough to spur me on and continue producing quality work.

Now if you would excuse me,i feel like dancing now....

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Hello :)

It's been a long time since i last posted ya?Been sorta lazy to update,due to the fact that my life now is pretty much a Boredom Circus with me as the ring leader of my non existent troop of clowns to entertain my faithful readers of my blog. :P

As such,i've decided that the blog is going to be mainly about my thoughts and views on a myriad of topics ranging from hair care products to dentures for those seeking a new lease of chewing veggie glory.

So,hopefully i'll have a topic ready by tomorrow otherwise i'll see you all soon.Peace out for now.

Monday, 12 July 2004

I feel....ODD

The past few days have been well,GOOD. That's good right?

But why am i still not satisfied with my life?

I'm still a total blur case when it comes to programming(i've never taken a liking to it,not ever), i'm still stuck doing the same ole repetitions(my workout regiment yo) and i still can't seem to shake off my shyness when it comes to girls whom i have a small spot for. I don't get it. Sometimes i feel so contented with myself and there are times i wished i had that special someone in my arms...Is this some crazy scheme of The Big Guy? Is this a test to see whether or not i'll blow up right in front of my parents and friends? I'm so close to let it all loose. I feel like i need to break this glass prison i've set myself in. Hmm,reminds me of a song by Dream Theater called The Glass Prison...

Argh...maybe i need more metal to calm me down or maybe,just maybe...i just need someone...

Thursday, 8 July 2004

I'm a hero.Just like Spider-Man...

Man,Tobey Maguire sucks.He playing Spider-Man is a travesty.He's too nerdy and too soft spoken.C'mon,the comic version of ole Spidey in the Star newspaper rocks but Tobey?Pffft...

That was me before i saw the first one.What changed my perception of the movie?That kissing scene. Wooooo,a wet Kirsten Dunst is good but a seriously wet and yummy Kirsten Dunst is soooo whoop tee doo!!

Saw the second movie yesterday and let me tell you that it rocks.Nope...make that farking rocks!It was fantastic, the acting was top notch.Both Tobey and Kirsten really conveyed the emotional parts really well with my full respect to the dude.Made me almost cry too.....I could understand the pain,the shit he has to go through just because he had a radioactive spider bit him and now he's the city's hero.I highly recommend watchign this.

And on to a more personal note,she messaged me. :)
Albeit in Friendster though.Hehehe.Made me smile like a Cheshire cat.

Me off now,have to practise my hero moves...

Friday, 2 July 2004

Free at last and i'm all alone(ajak me keluar la)

The past two weeks have been hell....wait...make that FOOKING HELL. Sleep became the most precious thing, sanity was tested to the max, body waiting to break down any moment and the wacky funky dory feelings that went haywire, all of these i managed to get thru though barely. It came like a tidal wave of crappiness, the turbulence nearly broke my will. I thought to myself,"I'm sure as hell ain't gonna let this shit get to me". So that kept me going. That kept me burning the midnight oil for 14 days running. The amount of kopi o ice i've consumed is enough to tar roads. I'm not addicted to it btw.

I may be good at writing documentation for my projects but i'm one sucky mutha when it comes to the actual creation of it. I suck at programming. Coupled with my dislike to code, this is a bad combo for multimedia student. I have ideas yes, some of the good and some of them brilliant but when it comes to the execution of it, the creating phase. I just don't like it. And now, after two years of being at APIIT, i feel that IT ain't my thing anymore. Sure, college has been the best thing ever happen to me but IT seems like a dream that was only good when i was really into it. The only reason why i continue is because i have another year and a half to go before i get my degree and changing to another course is just not feasible.

And um, the amount of new blood(chicks la) is really encouraging too. But most of them happen to subscribe to the La La Club, the Feng Tau clan, the bell bottom crew or just plain bloody Ah Lians and Ah Bengs. These kids really crack me up with their style or lack of one and their antics. Reminds me of me when i was their age minus the ceiling high spiked hair and bell bottoms that can hide a grown man.

And once again, my friends have condemned my choice of females i choose to admire. She looked really good today, what with that Pantene hair of hers and her impeccable sense of dressing. I'm not looking out to get into another relationship just yet but i do really would like to get to know her more. She seems like a really pleasant gal and a charming young lady. Maybe i saying "hellos" and "how are yous" is as far as i will ever get with her.

Dang it, now i hate girls who attract my attention. I can't seem to get them out of my mind...

Saturday, 26 June 2004

F u c K

A policeman, who was off duty, decided to bang the side of a Proton Iswara this evening. Stupefied by the accident, the dude who was behind the wheel of the Proton forked out 50 buckeroos even though it wasn't his fault at all. FUCKING FARKING FUCKED UP WORLD!!! Grrrrr.....

Well, on to happier things, i finally talked to her. :) My friends say that i'm crazy and blind for saying that she's actually very pretty. They think she looks like an auntie of which at first glance may be the case but on closer inspection, her smile was enough to prove them wrong. Really sweet. And she's also the owner of a nice and clear voice. But then again, i barely scratched the surface of getting to know her. Guess i'll have to work hard now eh?

Damn, this week really sucks.

Monday, 21 June 2004

Call me Buttnuts :)

The new nick is kinda cool eh? ;)

Anyway, it's been one heck of week. Been sleeping at 3 and getting up at 6 the past few days trying to finish up the crap load of work i have accumulated over the past 3 months. Yes, the master procrastinator strikes again. It was going sooooooooo well in the first month, progress was like a speeding bullet, straight at the target. Then, shit happens and the bullet just stops and drops.


Oh well, no use crying over spilled HL Milk. I managed to finish almost 90% of what i was supposed to accomplish like last month. Just need to pretty things up and they're good to go.

My work outs are getting sloppier. Maybe i'm just tired. Or just plain lazy. At least my headbanging skills are still as awesome as ever. Though, swirly whirly images of my surroundings still elicit giggles from me. Hehehe.

And Malaysian Idol is quite good shit yo. That Fauziah Latiff ain't as sickly sweet as Paula. Which is very good indeed. Roslan is a farka while the ang mo is quite the laser tongue.

Need to ciao now. Oh yah, i was a bag of shyness when she walked passed by me today. Damn......

Thursday, 17 June 2004

Hmm,shit happens...

Sigh...what a day.Once again, i was horribly late for class.But thankfully,the lecturer didn't blow her top off as in other classes. She did however blew her face off when she caught my friend, who also happens to be my team mate, dozing off. As usual. But the tone and the look that she gave him....i still shudder just thinking about it.Her voice was so cold it was like the effects of getting bitten by a snake, the venom coursing in your veins,tightening the muscles and's all over. But nothing can compare to the stare she unleashed upon my stunned yet remorseless bud.Dagger stares don't even count zilch against her. And if that wasn't enough, my other good bud and my team mate also, was made a victim whereby he had to present our answers to the class.He got off....for now that is.

And i knew i should have trusted my instincts when my friend told me that submission of one of the projects is due tomorrow.Well sweet muthafakas of Hell,i nearly burst a vein in my head.The program ain't complete yet and the documentation is going on mighty shitty wicky dicky.But guess what boys and gals,the due date is actually next week! Hellalulah! Woop ti do.Relief is now my fave word.

And finally, the grand finale of American Idol was shown on Arsetro.La Toya London, what an amazing voice. George Huffles was as faggoty as ever and dear ole vomit-inducing-cos i'm-so-saccharine-sweet Jasmine Trias was as hot as always.She still can't sing nuts. I say Diana should have won but because of her screw up on the last song, the title went to Fantasia so fast, Ryan Seacrest became more metrosexual. I kid you not. Oh well, we'll see who's the real winner once their singles are released. Overall, good shite yo!

And um, this girl in my class gave me this really odd yet supremely tingly smile. Odd because it's not that kind of i'm smiling because your hairstyle sucks but it was that kind of smile that is only reserved when you're shy and you kinda um, suka kat orang tu(i don't want to use like as it's quite a strong word)...i'm so imagining things right now.

But truth be told, i felt pretty damn good for myself....

Tuesday, 15 June 2004


Last night was good and bad, both at the same time. Well,i think i'll start with the good part first. Went online at around 10pm which is a lil bit earlier than usual. I thought i could squeeze in an one hour's worth of crap. As you've probably guessed already, that never happened. What happened was that one hour became two, then in the end, three solid hours. My bum was sore. My fingers were all stiff cos i had to reply to so many people. But was i angry? Hell no!!! On the contrary, i thoroughly enjoyed myself. Played a few games with Jingy whereby i got my ass kicked in Bejeweled. I'm sooo gonna get you back! Mark my words! And along the way, i chatted with this girl i met a few weeks ago. Since i don't want to jinx my chances, i'll just say that it was a chat filled with hint bombs and flirtatious wonder.... That felt really queer.... Dang...

And today was truly a wasted day. Had a lab session whereby i did nothing except checked my mail and tried to look like as though i was doing my programming. Which i didn't naturally.

So, it's time for me to do work. I really need to because there's loads to do and time is running out. Then maybe, just maybe, i'll go online tonight. But not for a long time of course. We shall see....

Saturday, 12 June 2004

Dazed and confused. Just how i like it.

Dazed and confused. Just how i like it.

Yesterday was quite the eye opener.It all started with me when i decided to go to college instead of following my friends to take pictures and video clips of KL for our project.I reckoned that they could do it and that i was better off in college since i needed to settle a few things.

And it was the best decision i've made so far.I managed to download an obscene amount of stuff using APIIT's connection.It was heaven.All the bandwidth was mine.A 20 meg video clip was transfered and saved unto my beloved thumb drive in less than 2 minutes.Hehehe.Then lab session came to an end and so i decided to go to Sri Petaling for lunch with my buds.As i was about to go down the staircase came a sight so unbelieveable,so eye popping and soooo salivating worthy, i was stopped dead in my tracks and gawked.Gawked at my friend who prior to this extraordinary change was more than happy to dress in tomboyish clothing but for God knows what reason, she was dressed in a soft purple top with a white trouser thingy complete with not that high high heels. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! Didn't get to tell her how hot she looked though. Wasted.

So i thought to myself, should i or shouldn't i give it a go? It left me quietly contemplating the thought. I sort of like her but it's not that kind of like 'like'.You know? To tell you guys honestly, i have no idea whether or not i should attempt it.I don't think i'm ready for a new relationship just yet.I don't think she'll accept me either.

And yes, i'm still thinking about it.

And what to eat for breakfast tomorrow too.

Monday, 7 June 2004



I'm in college right now as i am typing this. I should be looking for the meanings of what the hell is Magic Lens, Cascading Menus and another one of which i can't recall. I don't think i want to. Been a lazy mutha the past week or so and it's driving me nuts. I don't want to be lazy. It's a sucky feeling knowing that even though work should be done but i end up doing up my Friendster profile thingy. Gahh!!!

And there's a radio god. Out of nowhere it started to read and play my cds. Ah, the sweet sounds of guitar riffs blaring, the bass lines grooving along, the drumming pummeling my head into oblivion and the vocals invoking ancient evils. Good stuff yo.

Haih, it's gonna be a long day indeed.

Sunday, 6 June 2004

The Awakening of the Beast

Looks who's back...

Muahahahaha! I'm back! And now i'm gone!!! Will post soon when my dang dong ding projects are done!!

Until then, take care yo!