Monday, 23 February 2009

Ah, that good ole feeling.

I'm trying to read 3 books at once, as can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen. And I remember them! Mostly, anyway. More on this later.

Last week was a thoroughly tiring week. It was a week where I really wanted to get out of the office as early as possible but couldn't. In fact, I ended up being in the office for 12 hours, 3 days in a row! While I know that some of you and many others have experienced this, for me to do that many hours is something unusual considering the situation I'm in. It may sound trivial to those who've worked those hours, some on a constant basis, but this is my blog so I'm going to rant as much as I want.


Back to the beginning: it's been a long time since I've had this much fun reading 3 books at once, no less! I normally have to be in the right mood and frame of mind before I can even open a book but the last few days have been nothing but literary goodness. It also does help that football tends to start at 0130 so I have time to kill till kick-off.

Have a productive week ahead.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: NEVER, EVER deadlift with your back curved. Lest you want to walk like a disoriented crab.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

It was the pimple that did it.

How was your Valentine's?



Or was it just another day?

I guess most of you know by now that I'm not one to "celebrate" such things (here's my post on Valentine's, in case you've forgotten), since they're so highly commercialised to the point of ad nauseam. What? Do I really need to buy a dozen roses to prove my love? Do I need to feed her one of my meatballs (not that kind of meatball) to show that I care for her wellbeing? Why do I need to prove anything at all when I view that every day with her as my partner is enough?

I guess I'm being my normal cantankerous self. After all, why would a guy in a relationship rant about Valentine's anyway? No, I'm a single guy who happened to spend 14th February with 3 other singletons. But it wasn't all lugubrious or laden with emo-like temper tantrums. It was FUN and quite filling, too.

The day started pretty well, dropped my family off at my aunt's place, drove to the increasingly saccharine-filled shopping centre known simply as The Curve. The sun was blazing and while I was sweating profusely, not-so-decently clad girls could be seen clutching, clinging or hanging on to dear life to their beloved. Quite a number of girls in groups (more like packs of marauding wolves) without partners could be seen as well. Cue armpit sweat stains on shirt upon face-to-face with a chick. Went to the gym, blasted out one exercise after another and finally went on to meet my friends. When everyone arrived, pandemonium broke out; no, we didn't exactly torture innocent bystanders with our wit, but our brazen ways got the better of us and we burst out laughing at basically everything, at decibels more commonly heard at rock concerts, from food not reaching the mouth (guilty party here) and to the most golden of observations:

All breasts are tender.*

That outing further proves my point that when good company with good chemistry coupled with good food (albeit bloody expensive!) are at hand, good times are a sure bet. Sure, it would've been great to have been with a significant other on Valentine's but I absolutely have no complaints about spending it with my friends.

Here's to the next outing, guys.

* = My Russian friend said this gem in the most deadpan of voices when our friend's meal of chicken breast with fancy cherries arrived. It was a massive LOL moment.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: If you're puzzled (or slightly put-off) with the title, it goes like so: there was this rather fetching girl who kept looking at me whilst me and my friends were lining up to have our super pricey dinner. Even my friend noticed it. Turns out she was looking at me, however, it wasn't my face, but the large pimple on my chest.

Life can be so cruel.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

5 (un)lucky people will know me much better...

This comes all the way from Nadia.

“The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. What I create/pull out from my magic hat will be just for you.
2. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make! (In other words, just appreciate it!)
3. You will receive your item before the end of the year (or sooner). I will do my utmost best to achieve it.*
4. You will have no clue what the item/thing is going to be. It could be a knitted pair of socks, a heart-shaped hammer, even fried noodles in the mail (packed tightly, for sure). Keep in mind that it could mean anything that my sometimes demented mind chooses to bestow upon you.
5. I reserve the right to conjure up the most ludicrous of items. What's life without a little fun?

The catch? Ah, the catch is that you have to repost this meme and make and send out five surprises of your own.”

So, what are you waiting for?

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: I think I only have, like, 3 readers who would actually comment here so I'll just make up plans as I see fit.

* = This meme actually scares me. I'm not sure if I'll able to keep to my word. In the event that I do not keep to my word, you may kick me in the derriere. Once only, though!