Wednesday, 22 March 2006

I kinda like shopping. Ehehe.

You guys remember my hypermarket post? Well, for those who’ve forgotten (tsk tsk), here’s a short recap: I am the kind of hypermarket person that gets in, grabs what I need then goes to the payment counter that doesn’t have a mile long queue, and leaves the building. Simple no?

Well, it too applies to my shopping habits. I get in, go to the stores that have the things that I need, pay the exact amount if possible (I’m not a big fan of shillings in my pockets so I’ll try to get rid of them whenever the opportunity arises.) then finally leave with the loot. Simple no?

Well, not anymore.

Shopping is really fun now.

Okay, before any of you females start looking up to the skies and saying prayers of ecstasy because of my sudden declaration, I must reveal that I have always enjoyed my shopping excursions. There’s nothing like opening the wrapping of an album or when you finally get to put on that maroon shirt with little pandas on it.

It’s just that I don’t do window shopping well. I don’t see the need for me to gawk at clothes which I’ll never buy let alone buy. I’m pragmatic when it comes to my choice of clothes, which means mostly black tees and three-quarter pants for most of my outings. “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke,” that’s what I say.

To know the true Malaysian, just plunk yourself at a shopping mall and observe away! Rich or poor, horribly dressed or barely there, whenever there’s a SALE sign, you’ll find that it brings out the best and worst of people. Many a time I’ve seen neatly dressed women massacring the bargain bin in search of the elusive size M and the poor sales girl who has to refold the whole bin again for the bajillionth time.

You see, I have the utmost respect for sales persons. I know it’s not easy when you have to serve customers, especially us Malaysians who can be disgustingly rude at times that it makes you wonder whether the education system isn’t doing much for manners or they were raised by demons. But for the love of everything that is doe eyed and cute, stop following me while I peruse the underwear section! If I need help, I will let you know. I will not steal that RM10 box of boxers!

Ever noticed that there are now more men shopping? Or rather, men in pairs. These duos tend to dress alike even. You get the rugged ones who’ll dress in my style looking at men stuff (i.e. women) and of course, the metrosexual or the happy-to-shop-with-a-stubble-and-wearing-tight-jeans-to-emphasize-the-bumsexuals. Ugh, I’m not against men wanting to be over the top stylish but c’mon, a whole suit of pink? Oh my lordy.

So where do I like to shop? Mid Valley is the only place where the rich and the not-so-rich can gather and be really merry while chewing (free of bird flu) chicken drumsticks. KLCC is by far the swankiest mall ever with more and more teens wanting to show off their smoking skills and their dress sense which is akin to a bear trying to wear an apron. 1 Utama is like a marathon in a mall. All you do is walk from one shop to the other in 30 minutes and realize that the shop you’re looking for is at another corner, 20 minutes extra. BSC is where you can find white men who tend to wear shorts that are 2 sizes small and tees that don’t really cover their bellies. Oh, you get the picture right?

So if you see a lumbering guy with a cap, a black tee and three-quarter pants, stop him for it might be me. If not, I’m the guy with the maroon shirt with little pandas on it.

Chris is signing off, for now…

PS: To Chinese families who bring their dogs along with them, STOP IT!

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Oh my gosh begosh! I have to change my lifestyle!

30 friggin fucken cents. Who would have thought that such a tiny amount could cause so much uproar? I remember the days of when I could pump in RM30 worth of petrol and it would be enough to get me from there to there, 5 times to and fro. And I’d still have enough to buy me a bowl of good ole cendol half way across town. But those days are long gone.

Gone are my days of speeding recklessly because seeing that petrol meter go down instantly every time I accelerate just tugs at my frugal heart. But every single time I want to just cruise on the roads, there’ll always be some punk or grandma lurking somewhere with a top speed of 60km/h on the bloody fast lane. If you can’t handle it, don’t be on that lane asshole!

It is an odd world we live in when people’s hearts don’t skip a heartbeat when it comes to buying a RM2000 handphone but they’ll baulk at the poor char kuey teow seller’s announcement that due to the rising cost of cockles, he has to raise the price of one plate of the blackened, grease filled goodness from RM3.50 to an incredulously overpriced RM3.80. And these are the same people who don’t even know how to use the dictionary when SMS-ing!

But the real champions of this whole issue have to be the youths. Or to be more precise, the dumb and ignorant youths. They do not seem to be bothered in the slightest while the rich bratty ones don’t even give a damn. A typical Paris Hilton remark would be: “I’ll just have to ask daddy for more. I think another 500 bucks will do. Hehehe.” So what, right?

You all know the saying, “Practice what you preach” right? Then how about we let some of the big shots with their equally big tummies to do away with their chauffeur driven big cars and take the bus to go to their functions. This is the kind of an impression that might make the hoi polloi follow suit. I’ve been advocating public transport ever since I sat in my first Mini Bus. During those glorious (and bloody dangerous) days, I used to jostle with everyone; other kids, adults and a couple of grandmas so that I could get in. Who needed air-conditioning when you had the wind at 150km/h blowing in your face?

It’s been a while since the petrol increase and yes, I am one of those who have taken measures to curb any wastage or any unnecessary expenditure. From being a rather stingy bugger I am now a fully fledged stingy bugger.

So what’s next? Will I start recycling my bath water for later use? Will I use paper fans to fan myself vigorously? Will I start eating bread and butter and cheap jam for the rest of my life?

Man, I need to get me a job.

Chris is signing off, for now…

PS: Job hopping is all right. Just don’t do job skipping.

PPS: Sorry for the incoherent feel of the post.