Saturday, 30 July 2005


Ah, the island... A place of peace and serenity. A place where you can frolic in the meadows of gold while breathing in the pure air.
EKK! WRONG! It's actually a place where you get your spleen ripped apart from your body all because you're a clone, 'product', and belong to your original self who has paid 5 million smackers to live a little bit longer in the world.

So on to the review breakdown yes:

The Good - The Actors

Ewan McGregor - He gave Lincoln 6 Echo a rather boyish take. Which is kind of true since the clones are educated to the level of a 15 year old. As the Tom Lincoln(the dude who paid loads of dough to live longer), his Scottish accent wasn't really that thick. He did say "wankah". Nice.

Scarlett Johansson - Oh.My.Lord.The.Lips.So.Plump.So.Yummy.Body.So.Fantastic.

The rest - Ok la. Sean Bean was like Boromir in a suit; the same conviction in what he is doing is right and will do anything to achieve glory. Djimon Hounsou was all right. Steve Buscemi was great and had the best lines.

The Bad - Where do I begin? Honestly speaking, The Island had sooooo much promise; a storyline that's thought provoking but terribly executed. It's like having a DVD player but you're still watching VCDs on it. So much potential what with having some really good actors in it but was bogged down by shoddy dialogue, nonsensical action sequences(i did laugh out loud at one scene where a guy was walking in the office ala lalala then suddenly gets whacked from the back by Ewan McGregor on a hover bike) and Michael Bay's penchant for too clean looking picture quality. It's great really but sometimes too clean makes it feel synthetic.

The Ugly - My sitting position was downright ridiculous. I couldn't see much of Scarlett. :(

Cloning as a business where money will buy you more time on this shitty Earth. The notion where you can create a clone, then have 'it' be removed of its, say eyebrows, is quite sick. It goes to show how rich people will do anything to remain as they are; vain and severly deprived of morality.

Do clones have souls? They feel, they hunger, they thirst, they want, they are alive. But a soul do they possess? Only God knows...

As for me, no thanks. I for one do not want to be cloned. Ever. Imagine two of me. 'Nuff said.

Chris signing off...

PS: Even clones get to have sex after only knowing about it for a couple of hours. The injustice.

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Of Kimonos and Slitty Eyes...

Last Saturday was wicked, went down to the nearby Jaya Jusco at 7am to collect the latest Harry Potter book and i must say, this has to be the most shocking book of the series. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, BAM! J.K. Rowling smashes all your detective work into pulp of uselessness and then you clutch your head and say to yourself,"Damn".

That day also marked my first ever excursion to Bon Odori, a Japanese festival celebrating something i still do not know. Even the Japs there didn't know too. I first caught wind of its existence from a friend of mine way back when i was doing my diploma. He was known as Happy Chai and was a complete dimwit. And a nutter for anything Japanese. He asked me one day:

Happy Chai: Hey Clis, wanna go to Pon O Dolly?
I thought it was an invitation for a play of an obscene take on Hello Dolly.
Me: Huh?
A Friend: It's Bon Odori you dork.
Happy Chai: I said Pon O Dolly mah. Anyway, it is a Japaneese festiwal. Sure lot of chick wan. Come la.
Me: No thanks man. I've got errands to do. Err, you have fun. La.
Happy Chai: *crestfallen look* Okei.

Fast forward to last Saturday and voila! I'm driving on the Federal Highway heading towards Shah Alam. Went me and my family finally got into the stadium, i braced myself, for i was about to enter the realm of J-Pop, girls in tight uniforms and even tighter skirts, girls with pigtails the length of a pillar, boys trying to look cool with ludicrously spiky hair while possessing squeaky voices and for the penultimate, Raw Food. As i was making my way round the food stalls, i kept an eye out for any of my friends and of the many girls there. Of the former, i only saw one while the latter, well, my eyes were very much satisfied. My hunger however got angry. Not because i didn't do anything to quell but rather, the food sucked. Big time. Maybe it was because of the hands of unskilled Malaysians who were handling the makings of the food. Even the tea with 16 different types of tea leaves that cost me 5 bucks tasted like water with a pinch of salt. I dropped my RM5 omelette(managed to grab a small bite though) onto the grass and i threw away the rest of my RM5 noodles cos it sucked bad.

The atmosphere at the stadium end of the festival was bursting with life. All around me girls were giggling. I was ogling. The stage(which was in the middle of field) in which the performers will perform on was being set up and Japanese opera wailed from out the speakers like a banshee demanding for better sushi. After a while, a most un-Japanese thing happened; Avril Lavigne was now being blasted. WTF came to me faster than you can say "Kumbawa!".

By the time the official launch came most of the people had already congregated near the stadium to witness the performances. Then when the announcers said to take part in the dances, the people really took it to heart cos when the first move was performed, the crowd started to follow. Many of them laughed at themselves and their friends for executing the wrong moves. I laughed at them instead. The crowd got really worked when the second dance came on, it was more vibrant and fun. I thought surely a moshpit was gonna erupt soon. I got smelly armpits instead.

We left the place at around 8pm as we didn't want to get caught in the massive jam that was bound to occur later. As we were leaving, a group of old timers who called themselves The Hokkaido Soba Lovers Club serenaded the crowd with a special rendition of Rasa Sayang. It was more like Rasa Malang.

Beside the food being absolutely worthless, the whole festival was good. I personally didn't learn much other than i shouldn't eat RM5 omelettes while standing up. With chopsticks nonetheless.

I can't wait for next year.

Chris signing off...

PS: Jessica Alba >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All the chicks at Bon Odori put together.

Saturday, 16 July 2005

Week of Hell

Wow, it's been a long time since i've updated, sorry y'all. Got caught up with work last week and then my lappie containing ALL my precious files went byebye and i spent the whole of Thursday going back and forth between my lappie and desktop, transfering file after file which funnily went cuckoo too the week before.

It seems that the only time my utterly insipid coll... *ahem*, excuse me, university college, is teeming with life and sheer tension is during any project submission be it group based or individual. The blood, the sweat, the tears all literally flowed on 11 July for it was the due date for submitting quite possibly the most FUCKED UP project ever in my 3 years at APIIT. Or is it UCTI?

I know better than to do things last minute, especially when it involves a project that is divided into two parts: Research in the first sem and for the second sem, Coding. The Research part, i'm okay. I don't mind poring thru research paper after research paper and then dissecting the appropriate information for my documentation. What i don't fucking like is creating diagrams detailing how a user is going to log into my system AND then justifying why i did so. I already did the damn diagrams so just fucking accept it for crying out loud! It's like telling someone that i crossed the road safely, yet he/she doesn't believe me because i didn't inform them to look at me when i was crossing. And i especially hate being told that the way i created thediagram is actually wrong. On the day of submission nonetheless. They got it good, they're the ones who actually had a whole friggin' sem on how to create those diagrams. I had 3 days. 3 sleepless nights. 3 goddamn, terribly exhausting and mentally draining days. The worse for now has come to pass and now i'm awaiting Armageddon of Projects.

So in the end, i managed to pass up my project at 7.15pm. Luckily the pretty lady put me and my friends as passed up at 7. I had to use whatever that was left of my consciousness and my non-existant charm to put us at 7. I now owe her a bottle of Ribena as thanks. Shucks.

For those of you know what coding is like, then you'll excuse me when i say this, I FUCKING HATE IT. Never did like it and i never will. I guess i just don't have the brain for it. I'm more of a 'What and Why' guy when it comes to projects. I come up with the project's soul; the title, objectives, scope and anything related to the core of it. I'm not however a guy who can create web pages using Dreamweaver or even *gasp* Frontpage. It's not hard i know but i'm just not interested. So when i dubbed this project as the Most Fucked Up Ever, i really mean it. I will suffer tremendously in the upcoming months trying to bust my ass and sanity in creating the website. And not to mention my Final Year Project which is turning out to be the Mutha of Fucked Up projects. If i don't even get it to work say in the 2 months, i'll be Fucked Guy numero uno.

Wish me luck, please?

Chris signing off...

PS: I make no apologies for using quite a lot of the F-word(which is the best English word EVER). Believe me, if i were to tell you this verbally, you'd have a cringed look on your face. Permanently.