Saturday, 31 October 2009

Take a look around you. It's an unfair world.

I'll be in Singapore (what, again???) next week, having a much deserved holiday. I say much deserved because the last month has been an absolute mindfuck. I've always maintained that you won't hear a sound from me about a job unless I absolutely and truly despise it. And I do. Very much. I've some made mistakes. A few of time highly embarrassing when found out but I laughed at them and worked on my next task. After complaining the heck out of it, of course. But I don't want to talk about work, especially the things that make me angry.

The trip to Singapore will be a special one as I'll be going with friends and my girl instead of family. And you know what this means. Yes, I don't need to treat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Yayness! Parsimony aside, this trip is going to be one of rest and relaxation. It's going to be a really great trip. I can feel it in my bones.

Sadly, a few children will not even know that Singapore existed. In the papers this past week, schoolchildren from across the country have had their lives taken away abruptly. And a new colleague of mine had his young son passed away.

Makes all your holiday plans seem petty, doesn't it?

May the Big Guy in the Sky watch over them and let them play in the eternal playground of Heaven.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Happy Halloween to all. May all the ghouls of your fears not come out and bite your toes tonight.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Where the wild things are not...

First off, I apologise for the lack of an update the week before. I was very occupied with work,* what with my seniors going off on holiday and me running the show like a partially beheaded chicken. Also, my Internet connection was severely hampered by the supposed ineptitude of my service provider but the real truth was that my contractor accidentally incapacitated my connection due to a mix up of the wires.

It's been 2 years since I stepped into the my current employer's doors. If you know my working history, I never lasted more than a month at one place so after 3 months here I thought, this is it, I'm going to retire here.

How awesomely mad could I be back then?

There comes a time when you know you're not getting any satisfaction when you wake up thinking, fuck, I hate this shit. I know the feeling very well; I've been waking up with this feeling over a year now. Back when I first had it, it was very bad. I had immense hatred burning inside me just by launching Outlook. Reading emails proved torturous as every email seemed intended to push me even further away with impossible requests. Though, the last couple of months have seen a significant drop in me bitching about how crappy my job is thanks to a certain girl in my life. Without her, I think I would've committed mass murder, on rabbits no less. (You know who you are and I thank you for giving me a renewed passion to be a better person.)

Of course, no one goes to a single company and works there for the rest of their career? Not in this generation, anyway. It would be great if the company you joined provides you with every thing from job satisfaction to a nice life but if one of those is suffering then you need to regroup your senses and think properly: Is this really worth it?

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: We're going to crush you, Liverpool! Mark my words! Glory, Glory Man United!

* = Honestly, I wanted to use busy but using that word would imply that I had no time to take long lunches, frequent tea (I don't drink coffee while I'm at work) breaks and walking about the office, disturbing other people. I did all those. And more. But, seriously, I was busy.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

I want to be the President of the United States when I grow up.

Because, seriously, after 9 months, I'm bound to get something, right? It could be an MTV award (what the heck for, anyway?), maybe I'll get a hamper consisting of healthy stuff like organic manuka honey with placenta (WTF???) and various herbs with names only people of tribal ancestry are able to enunciate it perfectly.

Or I'll could be awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

Seriously, Obama winning the Nobel Peace is like giving me the keys to the Playboy mansion. Wait, scrap that. In all honesty, when I saw the news I just went, "Heh?" and continued checking out Facebook.

C'mon, we all know he's good but is he that good? We fete him as though he was some sort of the second coming of Christ. But he still has a long way to go before any of us can call him anything but a visionary.

Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave right now.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Then what about people who are really doing something about world peace? I can't name names but Obama is certainly no where in the top 100.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I am thankful.

My previous mobilephone started giving me problems about 2 months ago. It didn't respond to my commands and I thought maybe it was being bitchy so I cared for it like how one cares for a sick person:

I threw it on the floor.

Okay, okay, I kid. Of course you don't throw someone on the floor. Sheesh. But I did throw it and it worked. For a while. Then it started acting up and this it became so much worse; it started to send out text messages on its own, it hung up without me knowing, lines were getting cut because my phone didn't like to be used so much. Then it all became unbearable to the point where I just turned it off in the hopes of it resolving its internal struggles.

It didn't.

So after deliberating much, I decided to get me a brand spanking new mobilephone which cost half of my fridge. And my fridge ain't cheap. While I was busily fussing over pixels and whatnot, people from the Philippines and Indonesia were trying to save their lives. There I was calculating how much money I need to fork out whereas the people over at those countries had only one thing on their mind:

Will I survive?

I read the papers and sighed. I watched the videos of the aforesaid countries' natural disasters and was left stunned and mortified by how devastating Mother Nature can be. Mother Nature is angry and she's angry at the people who have been put here to safeguard but instead have raped it of its vigour and vitality. It is as though She is fed up with everyone's increasing ignorance and apathetic attitude towards protecting this one world we live in. Have we become that diffident to the plight of the world? We are a plastic nation with plastic everywhere we go. We love our material possessions yet we do not spare a moment's thought on how a child is going survive after such catastrophes.

But here I am whinging and whining when I do nothing to help, to offer my hand to those who need a helping hand. Why? Am I lazy? Or am I ignorant as well?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I salute those who bravely risk their lives to save strangers. If only the human race can forget about chasing the next thrill we'll probably be onto a much position in our lives. Something needs to be done, we all know that. So why are we still concerned over pixels and whatnot?

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: I may not be the most religious person around but my thoughts and prayers go out to those who've lost their lives, struggling to live and to those who are making that difference in this world.