Tuesday, 30 May 2006

X-cited no more

I remember watching the cartoon version religiously. After all, which kid could pass up a cartoon based on the comic book of comicdom? And when news came that a movie adaptation was in the works, I was more excited than a pair of frisky goldfish that after 5 seconds of swimming forgot to be frisky. Why, it's X Men of course. And here's my crappy review of the latest and final instalment of the series.

Seeing actors like Hugh Jackman @ “I have really big muscles”, Ian McKellen @ “Frodo! Stop looking under my cloak!” and Patrick Stewart @ “Stop calling me Jean Luc!” bringing the characters to life on the big screen was simply magical. Both the aforementioned English thespians delivered the goods and more. Halle Barry @ “I wish I was never in Catwoman” proves once again why I don’t like her. She’s pretty and sexy, no problems there but her acting just doesn’t seem to justify her status or her Oscar award. Her thin African accent in the first movie was hopeless and it’s now completely gone (Arnold’s been in America for over 20 years and he stills pronounces California like he was a barmy Austrian). Kelsey Grammer @ “I’m not Frasier anymore!” looks like he’s having a blast as everyone’s favourite blue fur ball, Beast, and it shows in his scenes. Famke Janssen @ “I kill with my thighs” looks a tad haggard here but her mile long legs are still drop dead gorgeous. But the show really belongs to Jackman. I would liked to have seen more emotion either than ‘extremely pissed’ and ‘very sad’ but he managed to keep the whole thing albeit barely.

I don’t really blame the actors for the lack of soul. The script is riddled with hokey lines and an uninspiring plot. It’s like Coke and Pepsi fighting each other but before the real fight begins they’ve both run out of gas. Here’s hoping the Wolverine spin-off will be much, much better.

And there’s Tom Cruise’s money maker, Mission Impossible III. I went it with no expectations whatsoever and I’m glad to report that I came out thoroughly bored and pissed. Yay! The trademark JJ Abrams storytelling technique really suits Tom’s burning desire to be in every frame. As we all know, Mr Abrams enjoys having a motley crew of highly individualistic and spirited merry men. But Mr Cruise must have vetoed and asked that the rest serve as fanboys and cheerleaders while he goes about trampling China’s rooftops. You’re not even bothered to remember their names. The actress playing the wife is pretty and enjoys helping people and wants to have hot sex with her hubby in the medicine closet. The big black guy provides the laughs by being the big black guy. The Irish boy looks like he still couldn’t believe it that he’s in a very expensive film (think boy in candy store the size of a football field). There’s the Asian chick that is so skinny, Mr Cruise’s grin actually weighs more. There’s the dude from the Matrix who is basically Morpheus without the happy blue pill (or was it red?). Finally and certainly least, the overweight villain who’s completely wasted here and who doesn’t even get to die an exciting death.

I guess I’ll just have to watch V for Vendetta again for something that actually is good.

Chris is signing off. For now….
PS: This blog will self-destru… BAH!

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

5 things you think you know about me

All right, I’ve run out of topics to write. My brain has for some strange reason been put on ‘Temporarily Out of Stuff to Write’. Therefore, since I can’t really think of anything to comment, I might as well write about things that I know very intimately.

After all, this is my blog.

So I present to you, the 5 things you think you know about me and the truth behind it all.

1. People think I’m mean and violent.
It’s the face. It has to be it. The non-existent smile. The eyes that could rip a bear into two. The stone face I put on when I don’t want people disturb me (especially sales people). I like my fair share of violence but only in the movies and games. I don’t really bash kids you know.

2. People think I only listen to metal and rock.
Look, I can listen to metal and rock the whole day. I’ve been doing so for the past 8 years. But that doesn’t mean I’m totally ignorant to other genres. In fact, I can identify songs and artistes way better than some of my friends who claim to listen or in the know. Pffft.

3. People think I’m the supreme master of the English language.
I do admit that my command of the language is above average to say the least, but that doesn’t mean I know the meaning to every single word. I recognize a lot of words but their meaning eludes me most of the time so much so that even after repeated checks with the trusted dictionary, I’ll forget in seconds. To those who understood completely all the V’s that were spouted in V for Vendetta, I bow to thee.

4. People think I can eat like a bloody pig (or cow for a kosher version).
I may have the physicality of a bear but that doesn’t mean that my stomach is able to hold 3 persons’ worth of food. Take for example the genial old lady at my college’s canteen. It’s like she thinks I’m lying whenever I ask her to lessen the amount of rice she puts on my plate. It could have fed a whole village in Western Vietnam for crying out loud!

5. People tend to think I joke a lot.
When I’m sad, people will question me to no end as to why I am in such a predicament. Or when I get mad and angry people tend to think that I’m having man-period. Look here buddy, comedians and jokers can be the most serious people in the world simply because we’re also human. The funny bone can’t be tickled all the time you know.

And as a bonus, I present to you another thing you think you know about me.

6. I’m afraid of stairs, ladders and escalators.
I always like to walk as though I am the ultimate ruler of the world. What this actually means is that I try to look as cool and macho as possible. Me being the egoist, I tend to look forward and walk as though I had smelled a smelly sock. But the embarrassing truth is that I’m pretty clumsy when I encounter steps of any kind. It’s like gravity wants to play a cruel joke and conspires with vertigo to make me feel as though I might fall off the very first step of a staircase.

But at least I have nice legs to show off. Tee hee.

Chris is signing off. For now…

PS: If an escalator brings you up, then a descendalator should in fact, bring you down?

Friday, 5 May 2006

Love at first BLAH

I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on her. It was just after I had moved out and after saving my money for a future that came earlier than expected I decided that a little soul searching would do me good. So there I was, walking silently and minding my own business when all of a sudden, I stopped outside a brightly lit shop. She was there, like she was expecting me. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I went nearer.

Her body was encased in the finest black gown. Her face was clear and animated. Her voice was a perfect sonata. It was after all, love at first sight.

For she is my iPOD nano.

To me, the saying “Love at first sight” is something I’ve never actually experienced though there have been times where it has come real close. Like for example, the first time ever I stepped into a real metal shop. No offence to the auntie’s shop at Campbell Complex but this shop here in Singapore was of the highest order. Seeing so many metal CDs almost brought tears to my eyes. Or like the time when I saw a real Ferrari Enzo here in Malaysia Admittedly, I was never a fan of the car. I thought it was too birdy looking. Then when I saw it, I was immediately mesmerized. I was speechless. I even touched it but just a little for fear of scratching it with my short fingernails. And then when the owner powered its engine, the unmistakeable roar resonated in the sky. Now every time I see or hear a tricked out car, I chuckle softly knowing that I’ve witnessed one of the best cars ever in the history of humankind.

But when it comes to applying that saying to people, I have yet to know its true meaning. What I thought was ‘Love at first sight’ was actually ‘Like at first sight’ or the slightly embarrassing, ‘Lust at first sight’. This is especially true when it comes to my encounters with girls. More often than not, I seem to have a knack for saying some of the stupidest and inane things ever to be unleashed unto unsuspecting females. In my mind, I think what I am saying is always witty and smart and that girls would think that, “Hey, this guy’s pretty cool.” But their facial expressions tell me that I should’ve kept my mouth shut and instead go find a cure for ‘putting the foot in the mouth’ syndrome.


There comes a time when 9 out of 10 times you’ll most likely to meet people you’ll probably forget you knew existed in mere seconds. But like lightning on a clear, blue sky there’ll be this one person who you meet for the first time and go, “Wow.” It is in this kind of situation that I truly am hopeless and afraid of. Besides feeling absolutely gob smacked, my brain will be scrambling to find the words and when I do my mouth will naturally spew out the wrong ones.

So after many, many (highly embarrassing) attempts at trying to be a suave and smooth Casanova, I’m leaving all my hopes on Fate. While Fate has undoubtedly been rather hard on me the last few times, I’m hoping that now I’ll have Lady Luck by my side.

After all, with so many ‘ladies’ behind my back, what could go wrong eh?

Chris is signing off. For now…

PS: I miss having intelligent conversations with pretty girls who (eerily) have the same likes as me.