Monday, 30 November 2009

I wouldn't mind having buttguns!

Last Saturday was a movie marathon so here's a quick and dirty movie update (cos I don't have anything constructive to blog about):

Ninja Assassin

By jove, Rain is superb. I can't believe I just said that. Really, the rather unhandsome one (ya, ya, he's good-looking and tall and cute and whatnot but his long hair makes him pretty in this so get off your high horse, k?) delivers an adroit if not smart-alecky performance as he says lines drier than an undried bacalao that's a 100-years-old. Storyline is a no-brainer; you go in, have a good time and try not to squirm every time a body part gets severed from its owner, blood gloriously splattered all over the place. And, ladies, yes, he does have a killer body.

You may now scream in delight.

Astro Boy

I went in the theatre hoping that it'll be good (because I didn't want to watch that* movie) as I have never watched the cartoon. Thankfully, I was pleasantly entertained. There are a few gripes, though, chiefly Nicolas "I'm an overly paid actor because I look mopey" Cage whose soporific voice did not convey the sense of loss and hope of Dr. Tenma. There was also a lack of urgency, especially later in the movie when Astro Boy had to battle the evil President Stone. But then again, watching Ninja Assassin before this does make you somewhat bloodthirsty.

A Christmas Carol

Let it be known that apart from the first Ace Ventura and The Mask, I have not enjoyed another Jim Carrey movie. Yes, I enjoyed the movie only because of the story as well as the phenomenal graphics. Carrey was surprisingly good while the supporting cast were not short on talent, too. Speaking of the graphics, golly, the detail on every single object is just mindblowing. And to add to its near-realism, some of the character design and sequences actually, GASP!!!, made me startled like a little boy accidentally seeing his grandparents kissing after a game of Solitaire (huh???).

Three movies in a day, wow, that's a record! Have a productive week ahead, folks!

I know I won't!

This is Chris, singing off.

PS: I love my

* = New Moon, pfft!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Don't you be cheatin', yeah.

When I was a wee lad, I used to love toys. Gundam, Transformers, Smurfs* and Dragonball were some of the stuff I wanted so badly but I could never have them because a) I was poor b) Dad hated buying toys for me. So whilst I saw my friends and cousins getting the newest toys, I had to put up with books that were tattered and were dog-eared so badly even my own ears turned upside down just by looking at them.

There was a time when I was no more than 6-years-old at Yaohan's (renamed The Mall or whatever it's called now) toy section, looking at all the nice toys and wishing I owned 3/4 of them (the other 1/4 was Barbie dolls and there's no way in Hell I want any of it). I was scurrying from aisle to another when I came across this mousy man of about 40. He was looking from left to right in the manner of someone about to do something bad. In his hands I saw him clutching a Transformers toy, and a moment later he ripped the back and quickly put the toy into his plastic bag. I stood there dumbfounded. There was only one thing on mind:

Why didn't my Dad do the same?

All right, all right, tasteless and unfunny joke aside, what would drive a man to steal a toy worth 20 bucks for his son? You could say that the father just wanted to please his son but to do it in that manner, well, that's just plain wrong. But since the son would never know this, surely this all right?


The debacle of last week comes courtesy of Thierry Henry's Hand of God act against the Republic of Ireland. Now, he's come clean after admitting that he did for a fact used his hands to control the ball (very beautifully if I may say so) and then deliver it to his mate who promptly used his head to score the crucial winning goal. FIFA (sort of the world football's police minus the guns and uniforms) has thus far rejected all forms of protests, no matter how polite or vehement they were, and calls for a rematch. Yet, FIFA is the same organisation that wants to be the paragon of sincerity and honesty but has remained noncommittal over this fiasco. Henry himself has called for the rematch to be taken place but FIFA doesn't want to because it is afraid people are going to think of them badly.

Well, it's too late. We all think you fucking suck, FIFA.

What Henry did is inexcusable, we all know that. He's a legend but this will surely sully his legacy somewhat. Nonetheless, I do commend him for coming out, admitting his deception and his pleas that the right be done. But since FIFA are a bunch of old men who are worried about their red cheeks turning redder in embarrassment then the truth and justice are denied their rights.

If you think deceiving a child is bad, what about FIFA? They're cheating football, a whole nation and what it means to do the right thing.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: I wonder if cheating is hereditary and the son is now doing the same for his own child now? Scary thought, eh?

* = My cousins thought they represented Satanism. Yes, they are bloody dumb.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ah, yes. I'm back!

How has everyone been?

Great, I hope. Last weekend was an absolute blast. The much-needed holiday in Singapore came and brought immense relief to me and my friends. The two weeks prior to it were incredibly stressful; so much work needed to be done before I felt the holiday spirit rising in me. But when we touched down at Changi airport did I feel finally at peace. Four days without checking emails and answering various idiotic questions from idiotic users was afoot!

With every visit, I grow to like the island more and more. I've always maintained that I would love to work there someday, for a few years even. I don't know why exactly but whilst the pace on the island is so a lot faster than back here I feel as though I am at ease, that I don't need to rush to get to somewhere. Even when we got lost in some remote part of the city at 8pm (the bicycles were everywhere!!!) I didn't feel like we were going to end up in the newspapers: 3 Malaysians and a Filipina, lost in the wilderness that is Marina Bay, amid a million bicycles. I dare not walk outside my house after 8pm. That's how safe I felt.

I won't get into the boring details of the holiday as nothing out of the ordinary happened. Funnily enough, it was the guys who came back with the most stuff as our respective partners were wonderful and patient in waiting for us and tolerating our inanities. On behalf of my friend and myself, Terima Kasih and Salamat to the girls who made this trip a whole lot more special.

And, now, I shall leave you with this nugget of a video. He may be wooden as a brick in the Potter films but, by jove, does he impress me with this cameo. Enjoy!!!

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Same time, next year, guys and gals?

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Time out!

Folks, by the time many of you read this I'll be in a land far-away than mine.

Well, it's a far-away land if you consider a 45-minute plane ride, urm, a far-away one.

Take care and as usual do not fret as I'll be back next week to post yet another illuminating diatribe on why Singaporean food sucks.

You know you can't wait for it.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: I'm super duper excited!