Thursday, 29 September 2005

Hypermarket Madness

Carrefour. Tesco. Giant. They're everyfrickin'where. What do these hypermarkets have in common besides funky names(Giant however sounds like a really cheap Kedai Runcit)? They're jam-packed with people from all walks of life wanting the best deal for a bar of soap. These places are also the best way to see how Malaysians are really like. The best way to describe a certain kind of hypermarketeer is simply to break them into groups as such:

Average (Joe,Jane,Mat,Siti,Muthu,Kumari,Lai Lai,Ah Fatt)
The most common of the lot. Anything and everything average applies to them; the time they take to decide which detergent they want, time it takes for them to pay, time for them to put the goods into the car... Well, you get the picture.

The Jostler
The most violent of the lot. They'll barrel their way thru the crowd like a mad bull whose behind has been poked with a hot poker. Before you can grab that last packet of Maggi Mee they'll push you aside, they'll chuck the loot into their trolley and continue on their war path. And they're the most likely to cut lines especially during peak period. Best avoided at all costs unless you want battle scars.

The Deranged Trolley Pusher
Trolleys are like cars. You have to steer them, manouver them properly around people. If it weren't for the din that it creates, the trolley in the hands of this nutter is a lethal weapon.

The Scrutinizer
This hypermarketeer doesn't actually directly annoy or irritate you in any form but sometimes you wonder, just take the damn toilet paper already!

The Bulbous Monstrosity
No matter how you try to manouver yourself, you still end up being flattened because you've been squeezed silly by this shopper just when you saw that tiny gap and you thought you could get pass.

I on other hand am a Take 'N' Go Pay hypermarketeer. I take what's needed and i pay the amount due and i'll get the hell out from the place.

So what hypermarketeer are you?

Chris signing off...

PS: Jaya Jusco's supermarket rocks cos of Siti Nurhaliza. She nice.

Monday, 19 September 2005

I like 7

I was actually in the midst of coming up with "Things That Will Make You Go Huh and Buh: The Secrets of Chris Revealed" but thanks be to Syar and Nadia who came up with this cool thingy and I thought, what the heck, let's do this instead.

Before I gloriously die, I plan to...

1. Settle down with the woman willing to spend her remaining days wishing she didn't have to, make some Chris Jrs and Little Miss Christines and own a really BIG and EXPENSIVE car.
2. Experience life as much as I can. Which includes me working in some foreign country and wishing I was eating nasi lemak instead of stinky French cheese that has blue markings to denote its profound stinkyness.
3. Travel as much as I can. No tour groups for me, I want to experience people's country and lives without an overweight tour guide with a scraggly beard and moustache telling me about the local cuisine.
4. At least see Dream Theater, Metallica (they may suck tremendous amounts of donkey ass now but without them I wouldn't be the metalhead I am today), Slayer or even Audioslave in concert.
5. Make an impact on society. I don't know how exactly I am going to accomplish this but I do hope I leave something for my children and their children to talk about.
6. Find and hold a job I truly enjoy. "Because I don't want to wake up one morning with the sudden urge to blow my brains out." (Completely borrowed from Nadia since it's so good I couldn't change it)
7. Meet the people on my list who I haven't already done so. Don't worry, I don't bite.

I can...

1. Curse, drive, drink, look out for cute girls, adjust hair: ALL at the same time.
2. Burp on command.
3. Headbang, read/study/write and air guitar/drum: ALL at the same time.
4. Admit it when I'm in the wrong.
5. Go on and on and on and on and making people's lives more unpleasent by coming up with cryptic analogies and sentences that should be called paragraphs.
6. Devour a Whopper in under 1 minute. That's like downing 2 Big Macs. My stomach then rebels thus sets me in the privy for the next half hour or so as revenge.
7. Make people laugh with my wit, my lack of self-efficacy, and my sometimes cute face that resembles a Pillsbury dough boy.

I can't...

1. Shut up before it's too late.
2. Write simple and staightforward. I will beat about the goddamn bush 'till there's not a single leaf left.
3. Drive at night properly. And if it's raining, get ready to tell me the traffic condition. It may get a bit rough.
4. Look people in the eye. I'm afraid I might get crossed eyed.
5. Dance to save myself.
6. Watch horror movies and not laugh and be scared out of my wits at the same time.
7. Let incompetence lead me on in anything that I do, or worse, people who can't admit it when they're wrong. Especially men, to me if they don't then their a bunch of pansies.

Say most...

1. Rubbish
2. Bugger
3. Macha!
4. Dude!
5. Cool
6. What the heck/hell
7. Shit

Attract me to someone...

1. Being completely herself, for I do not want a girl who at first seems all genuine and is my kind of girl, only to turn out she's ditzy, self-centred and worse, is a fan of Britney Spears.
2. Likes music for what it is and knows the difference between real rock and pure garbage.
3. Looks. Anyone who says looks are not important is either blind or is just trying to sound sensitive. While I know I may never be able to date a model, but I do hope to meet a girl with beautiful, souflul eyes, lips that demand to be serviced, and hair that whence is flipped is able to whoop me across the floor.
4. A girl who knows what she wants.
5. Knows that I will always be there with her and vice versa. But, um, she may have to fork out petrol money. Expensive wor.
6. Is able to stand my quirks and thoughts about many things in life. I'll forgive her for calling Good Charlotte "Good rock" if she accepts my love for metal. And Norah Jones. Ooooo.
7. Is able to take my jokes and turn it around and making it funnier.

Celebrity crushes (This list is in order. You'll know why.)...

1. Kristin Kreuk - THANK YOU GOD. She's so beautiful, that everytime I have notty thoughts about her I immediately hit my head for such a creature of pulchritudinous shouldn't be treated like a mere vessel of pleasure. And those green eyes of hers just melts my soul.
2. Jessica Alba - From the first time I saw Dark Angel I was mesmerized. Not only does she exudes sexuality like an oozing chocolava pit, she manages to tickle my happy spots everytime I see her. And those lips, oh my.
3. Hannah Tan - Malaysia Boleh! As cliché and rather lame as it is, she goes to show that Malaysian chicks are a million miles better than Singaporean chicks. She's got one heck of a brainy mind (she can prolly teach me more about IT than my college ever can) and is an all round mighty fine package.
4. Angelina Jolie - Lips of wonder. Body of amazement. Eyes of steely determination and unquenchable sexual drive, and who could blame El Pitt for dumping that Aniston woman. She can raid my tomb anytime.
5. Rachel Weisz - Her American accent goes off tangent sometimes but that smile of hers makes me want to smack Keanu Reeves for getting to see her in a more intimate fashion.
6. Scarlett Johansson - She proves that curves and having a beautiful complexion is so much more appealing than looking like an anorexic milkmaid. And that husky voice is like butter on hot potato buns.
7. Evangeline Lilly - Beautiful. Just beautiful. When she cries, I feel like crying too. When she laughs, i'm over the clouds. She's one of those rare actors who can pull off emotions with such conviction. I'd so love to be Lost with her.

Honourable mentions go to Marg Helgenberger (CSI), Camelia (i've always liked her, *blushes*), Aishwarya Rai (bite me), Fergie from Black Eyed Peas who's possibly the sexiest and scariest woman alive.

So there you have it, things you may have known or suspected, all for your reading pleasure. Hope you all enjoyed it.

Chris signing off...

PS: Who would've thought I'd need almost 5 days to complete this...

Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Of pretty faces and meaty bodies...

Boys at the ages of 6 to 12 normally detest girls. Then suddenly, one (explicit and lurid) dream changes it all. And the fact that the bedsheet too needed a change marked the transition of detesting to desiring. I should know, I was one.

A good friend of mine who shall be known as FengTau recently told me that during the holidays that he didn't do anything remotely work related. No coding. No documentating his work. No research into his subject. And i went, "Hahaha. Same here dude." But what he told me next made me splutter my laughter fluid all over his car. it was "HAHAHAHA!". Notice the Caps Lock-ed laugh and the exclamation mark? it was THAT funny. The reason:

Me: I went down south to our neighbour and ate so much 'til I couldn't fit into my cargo pants and I ended up walking with a really uncomfortable feeling in my crotch area whilst looking at animals who were either sleeping or displaying their behinds. At me nonetheless.

FengTau: Guess what man(at this point he was smiling wider than a hippo's behind). Me now a playa. A mutha focker. A daddy with sugar. Bling bling chicky at me side. *and cue the very serious face* I got to kiss. Girls. Ah ha.

Me: Holy hell...

One month and a half of holidays and most of the time he spent it at clubs, gets to know a couple of girls(naive no doubt) and when one just happened to say that "I like you. Wor." He's now a bonafide lothario. This is coming from a guy who was more interested in just undressing girls mentally. But now is with no clothes on them preferably. What surprised me more was that he's actually going to go after yet another girl. And get this, the reason is because "She's quite pretty". I waited for a more in depth answer but i knew it wouldn't come.

It all boils down to the fact no matter how much we progress toward a more egalitarian environment, there will be some men who will always want the bimbo type, the pseudo peroxide chick with a super pushup bra, the stick thin and wafer-like bodied girls. One thing that irks me to no end is when they don't know how to differentiate between slightly meaty girls(read: girls who are nice to cuddle with because there's something to hang on to) and girls who simply just have too much meat. They'd call the poor slightly meaty girls straightaway as FAT simply because any girl with a slight tummy(and i mean even the slightest hint of a tummy too) is deemed as overweight.

As for me, I prefer my girls to have some meat. I find that it is more appealing to show off curves as opposed to the exact bone structure of a stick girl. Of course, even if the most perfectly proportioned and beautiful woman were to be attracted to me(a guy can always dream of such dreams...) but has the personality of a serpent waiting to devour its prey i'll stay away from her as far possible.

I believe having a partner is something that is to be cherished and not treated like a Sunday cone. You can call me old fashion, I don't care. At least I know my principles, beliefs and most importantly, my soul, aren't soiled with sinful acts.

Chris signing off...

PS: Stick girls do not be offended. Here, have a carrot.

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Merdeka! Merdeka! Yam Cha*!

Raise your hand for those of you who TRULY embraces the spirit of our country's Independence Day? No-one? Add me to the list of no show of hands. Honestly, I've never been to a Merdeka celebration. Nor do I think I would participate in anytime soon. To me, it's just an excuse for many to go out, wave the flag lackadaisically and then down a pint or so of beer. That's how many view it, just another public holiday to blow away the hard earned money on booze and ciggies. Ask them where's their Merdeka spirit and they'd probably puke their dinner on you cos they're too drunk to say, "Huh? Merdeka ah?".

And who're these people? I'm referring to the people of today. The people of today who will one day take over this country. And who will lead the next generation into the future. I'm talking about me and YOU. Yes, YOU dearie. I may not be the best person to talk about patriotism but I will be the first to tell you that no matter what, always respect and love your country. I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't want to go to another country and work. If the opportunity came, I'd take it in a heart beat. But in the end, home is where the heart truly is. It is where I was born and made. It made me the man I am today. The good and the bad that happened serves not only as lessons learned but also the most cherished thing one could ever possess, and that is experiences of life. Besides their virginity as well.

I must say that i'm proud to call myself a Malaysian. I love to tell people from other countries about Malaysia's character, idiosyncrasies, culture, cuisine and of course, the people. Whenever something happens, I'd say "That's a Malaysian thing" or "It's Malaysian la".

I shall end here with a simple wish, let's strive to better ourselves and not succumb to trivialities.

Chris signing off...

*Yam cha is Chinese for "drink tea" which is commonly used when one is going out for an outing. Usually alcohol is accompanied. Being inebriated is optional.

PS: Happy Merdeka everyone. Yes, i know i'm a day late.