Friday, 25 November 2005

Minor freedom tastes like shit.

It took me 3 and a half years to get here. It took me through a journey to Hell and back and back and back. Again. And each time I come back more cynical. More vitriolic. More handsome (Teehee). It took me on a ride on the rollercoaster of feelings that has left me craggy and sappy. And it's about to come to an end...

Flashback scene 1:
A(RM)PIIT is a college where nerds are born. Its most famous attraction is of course, its degree courses and the dreaded final year project with its equally infamous abbreviation, FYP. Of course many of us who have went through it will fondly remember it as Fail Your Project or my personal fave, Fuck Yer Project. It's an 8 month ride into Hell and back and back and back again. Wait, didn't I already say that?
End of Flashback scene 1.

It feels very funny. Extremely awkward even. After 8 months of toiling thru the purest of shit, it finally came to a rather lacklustre end. Not because I didn't jump up and down yelling "Fuck Yeah Fuckers! I'm FREEEEEEE!", it just ended with a simple sigh of relief. No fireworks filling the sky. No bottles of Cristal (I would prefer a green tea frap but um, let's not go there ya?) being popped. No white pigeons being released (though I suspect the poor birds were "hidden" before anyone could yell "Tamiflu!").

Flashback scene 2:
I decided to set up camp in 3rd floor's main discussion room. Which became dis-CUSS-ion room once my chums came. So for 10 hours, these 5 sentences were the most uttered:

1. Fuck la! (It IS a complete sentence)
2. Fuck la! I no yet finish la!
3. Fuck la! Gimme your documentation la! Dun worry la, I modify for sure wan la. (Most of the time that never happen)
4. Fuck la! How to put header and footer ah?
5. HAHAHAHAHAHA! My laptop save your degree wor!
End of Flashback scene 2.

Gosh I love Manglish.

Flashback scene 3:
Seeing one of my friends doing his work at 5 friggin' pm when the due date was at 7pm time was probably one of the best highlights. He was nonchalant. A perfect picture of Cool. He was like the WHOLE Fellowship in one taking on the entire hordes of Uruk Hai, goblins, Saruman, and various pretty males elves. And there I was thinking about dinner.
End of Flashback scene 3.

The road still has to be travelled a little bit more. The end of it draws nearer and nearer. But as it ends, a new road will beckon me. It might lead me to total disaster or it could be my ticket to a life of happiness and chicks (a man can dream y'know ;-) ). Whatever it is though, i'm gunning down the accelerator and not looking back.

Chris signing off...

PS: I wonder how does major freedom tastes like...