Thursday, 28 October 2004

Iron(y) is good for you it seems...

I was approached by a classmate whom i've never even made eye contact for more than 2 seconds let alone talked with, came up to me all of a sudden and said....

Classmate: You're Christopher right?
Benevolent Me: Yes.
Classmate: Oh, ok. Have you done your Professional Development project?
Benevolent Me: Yes.
Classmate: Oh, so can you give me your project.

Ok, so i never ACTUALLY said that. So i told him, i'll help you but i ain't giving you my goddamn project which i spent like a month doing and still am. The irony is that the project is mainly about ETHICS.

Well on to a more 'happy' note, the next 12 days are going to be absolute HELL. Projects are due like milk from a leaking cow and my mind is slowing contemplating shutting down.

If only someone could shave my poodle and i'll be a happy boy...

Friday, 22 October 2004

I love red bean possum buns

You know the feeling that you get when you don't fulfill something that's bugging the heck out of you? It's a constant nag, an itch that you can't seem to scratch it off and once you find the answer, you'll be relieved. That's what happened to me yesterday. I did the best U-turn ever in my life. I went and U-turned back to college. Really am glad i did that as the reward was a stomach ache and a sore mouth all caused by laughter. Laughter that if collected, could power up the whole goddamn country yo!!!

Exaggerations aside, this has been an eventful week. Had to rush up a whole lotta shit. I actually did something i thought impossible; I DID CODING. I admit, i'm a total loss when it comes to programming but something happened, i understood. And that was it, the catalyst of my programming might. Oh joy. But i still can't create websites using even Frontpage to save a portion of my cute and pert bum. Oh well...

Ever get the feeling that you're being watched? If yes, then how about the feeling then you're being checked out instead? It's like that itch, only with more malevolent connotations attached.

Man, i soooooooo love the feeling.

Monday, 18 October 2004

A tow truck that's towing a tow truck is so...

.....ironic. What did you think i was going to say?

Life's like that i guess. When you think you're on a path of glory, along comes a ginormous(yes,it is a word) hole that swallows you whole. What was once a bright sunny day is now just pure darkness. Oh well, realization is a bitch.

It hit me like a ten ton hammer. But i'm not that disappointed, truth be told. I sort of expected it. The inability to communicate with another properly was the biggest hurdle and so was compatibility. No regrets though. I managed to get that buzz again, the buzz that there's some thing going between the two of you, the buzz that makes one go all tingly inside and all cuddly wuddly and...oh my...mushy moment alert!...Arghhhhhhh! Must stop! Must cleanse myself!


If only i had a tow truck...

Thursday, 14 October 2004

Is it safe for me to run with scissors?

I've always liked that line. Normally when i hear people saying that, i picture this really pudgy kid in my head, running like a lightning bolt with his terrified AND very pissed mom chasing after him. Then the mom catches him and then proceeds to spank the little devil's behind into high heaven. Ah, sounds just about right...

Oh well, that's my (morbid) thought of the day.

Oh my does time really fly. It's like this, time flies fastest when:

1.You are having fun(ie getting drunk just by smelling a can of beer, hanging out with friends until the wee hours,doing *wink wink* things).

2.When you're bored (ie whole day just rotting and waiting for dinner).

3.When you have a bajillion work to do(ie no examples needed since this is really self-explanatory(i hope so)).

All in all, i'm 'suffering' from all three. It's not that bad but when you think about it, it's pretty scary. Just like The Ring, now THAT'S a creepy movie.

Friday, 8 October 2004

Gimme your best shot. I'm ready.

This has been the fastest week ever. No joke. It went by so fast, i can't even remember what i did yesterday! Well, i KNOW i didn't leave my car keys in the car again...

As it is, i have exactly one bloody month to complete 4 projects. While 4 may look little but the work involved, is well, let me put it gently, is TREMENDOUSLY THE SUCKY MANY. I have tonnes of research to do, organizing my groups so that each member has something to do and remembering the respective deadlines for each project.

Don't you ever question yourself why is it that you can think about something or someone so much that it doesn't give you a migraine at all but if you think about but your mind and soul screams MURDER! cos you're taking 10 minutes too long over the colour of your underwear.

Now if you would kindly excuse me, i have someone to think about...

Monday, 4 October 2004

Of trapped keys and crappy tests...

Oh my, what a day. "You have to send your sisters to the LRT station!!!" were the words that woke me up today instead of the sound of my watch's alarm.

That however, was to be the start of my worst Monday ever...

Another catastrophe that happened next was in the form of spilled petrol on my hand. Not a nice smell. Felt like puking. And i needed to pee very badly.

I then rushed home; took my bath like the buffalo i was and ate my breakfast like i've never eaten anything for the past week. And my hair wasn't properly prepped too. Drove to my friend's place without giving a damn about the other people and promptly reached there 15 minutes late.

Then it happened... The catalyst of every major shitache for me... I locked my car. Without taking out my keys... And to add to my already miserable state, a dog decided that trees aren't the 'in' thing anymore when it comes to leaving his scent, so my tyre was deemed the most suitable replacement. I hate dogs.

To cut a long story short, my dad came with the spare so a sigh relief i breathed. But fate decided to deal me another shitcake, this time by making me do incredulously inane things like poking a twig into the key-hole. The twig broke. I can't open my door... More on this later...

Had a mock test today. I didn't do much revision. So there i was, sitting in between two buds of mine, smiling at each other like zombified cabbages because we knew nuts. It was hilarious, some tried surreptitiously to cheat by looking at their notes and look into space if the lecturer passes by but even short-sighted yobs would have guessed what they were actually doing. I love the subject and of course, the lovely and well-endowed nerd of a lecturer .

Then went back home, took a different road, friend had a minor car accident and i managed to shove that twig down to hell and finally i drove back home sweating like a pig on a roaster!!! Yay for me everyone!!!

This has been a very long post and my fingers need rest. So take care everyone and if you ever see a dog come near your car, kick the crap out of it....

Friday, 1 October 2004

I didn't get to play with any lanterns this year :(

I've come to the conclusion that green tea flavoured mooncakes will take the world by storm. The taste is so good, you feel like gorging on them at first sight.


It's the 1st day of October today and boy does it feel ever so frightening. This is because deadlines for project submissions are just looming around the corner. I can't stress enough the fact that we have to push ourselves in order to finish up the projects ASAP. Ideas flow like a river whenever we have meetings but output usually end up as trickles. Not good at all this is.

It's funny that when you're online and using some IM program to chat with someone you know in real life, that once you see them in person you end up not saying a word but instead give out million dollar smiles. What's so difficult about asking each other,"How was your day?","Why do you have mustard on your ears?",etc but when you're using a keyboard you sound like a regular Casanova. Communication is vital in any human relationship, i really do believe that. So why the bloody hell can't i say anything more than "Hello" to her?

Life's a big ball of misery when you choose to be miserable...