Saturday, 31 July 2004

The name's Chris.And i'm weird.

How is everyone? The week has gone by pretty much at lightning speed.I've 2 more weeks to go before i go back to good ole college.Sigh..According to one of my friends,she said she's having a blast with her 3rd sem.Yeah right,APIIT is not a college known for it's generousity when it comes to workload.Everyone supposedly has to slog it out.I used 'supposedly' because this only applies to people who actually DO THE MAFARKING WORK.And one of these people happens to be dear ole me.It's been this way for the past 2 years of my college life.Work gets dump on me and when it applies,my team,but the bulk of the workload gets done mostly by me and 2 of my mates who actually GIVE A DAMN about the work.The rest just loaf around,shaking their heads and shoulders and then have the audacity to utter "I dunno la".It is a sentence so violent inducing,i have to tell myself that spending the rest of my life in prison and rotting with a guy named Bob because i strangled my friend.

Why do i still tolerate these bottom feeders of a team member?The reason is simple:They're my friends.As inane as it sounds,i still do not have the heart to kick them out or scold them for their inability to even think.Oh i've done it before,i've kicked my best friend out once and went berzerk because of incompetence a couple of times too.And yet they still remain nonchalant.Their future is in their hands but their hands are too lazy to even hold a pen to write down what they should do.But i tell myself,in the end i will always end up the better person.I've always done my part and more,i always learn far more than i'm supposed and i feel good about myself at the end of the day.That is what really matters.To feel that you have accomplished something from nothing and then get praises for doing a great job indeed,that is enough to spur me on and continue producing quality work.

Now if you would excuse me,i feel like dancing now....

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Hello :)

It's been a long time since i last posted ya?Been sorta lazy to update,due to the fact that my life now is pretty much a Boredom Circus with me as the ring leader of my non existent troop of clowns to entertain my faithful readers of my blog. :P

As such,i've decided that the blog is going to be mainly about my thoughts and views on a myriad of topics ranging from hair care products to dentures for those seeking a new lease of chewing veggie glory.

So,hopefully i'll have a topic ready by tomorrow otherwise i'll see you all soon.Peace out for now.

Monday, 12 July 2004

I feel....ODD

The past few days have been well,GOOD. That's good right?

But why am i still not satisfied with my life?

I'm still a total blur case when it comes to programming(i've never taken a liking to it,not ever), i'm still stuck doing the same ole repetitions(my workout regiment yo) and i still can't seem to shake off my shyness when it comes to girls whom i have a small spot for. I don't get it. Sometimes i feel so contented with myself and there are times i wished i had that special someone in my arms...Is this some crazy scheme of The Big Guy? Is this a test to see whether or not i'll blow up right in front of my parents and friends? I'm so close to let it all loose. I feel like i need to break this glass prison i've set myself in. Hmm,reminds me of a song by Dream Theater called The Glass Prison...

Argh...maybe i need more metal to calm me down or maybe,just maybe...i just need someone...

Thursday, 8 July 2004

I'm a hero.Just like Spider-Man...

Man,Tobey Maguire sucks.He playing Spider-Man is a travesty.He's too nerdy and too soft spoken.C'mon,the comic version of ole Spidey in the Star newspaper rocks but Tobey?Pffft...

That was me before i saw the first one.What changed my perception of the movie?That kissing scene. Wooooo,a wet Kirsten Dunst is good but a seriously wet and yummy Kirsten Dunst is soooo whoop tee doo!!

Saw the second movie yesterday and let me tell you that it rocks.Nope...make that farking rocks!It was fantastic, the acting was top notch.Both Tobey and Kirsten really conveyed the emotional parts really well with my full respect to the dude.Made me almost cry too.....I could understand the pain,the shit he has to go through just because he had a radioactive spider bit him and now he's the city's hero.I highly recommend watchign this.

And on to a more personal note,she messaged me. :)
Albeit in Friendster though.Hehehe.Made me smile like a Cheshire cat.

Me off now,have to practise my hero moves...

Friday, 2 July 2004

Free at last and i'm all alone(ajak me keluar la)

The past two weeks have been hell....wait...make that FOOKING HELL. Sleep became the most precious thing, sanity was tested to the max, body waiting to break down any moment and the wacky funky dory feelings that went haywire, all of these i managed to get thru though barely. It came like a tidal wave of crappiness, the turbulence nearly broke my will. I thought to myself,"I'm sure as hell ain't gonna let this shit get to me". So that kept me going. That kept me burning the midnight oil for 14 days running. The amount of kopi o ice i've consumed is enough to tar roads. I'm not addicted to it btw.

I may be good at writing documentation for my projects but i'm one sucky mutha when it comes to the actual creation of it. I suck at programming. Coupled with my dislike to code, this is a bad combo for multimedia student. I have ideas yes, some of the good and some of them brilliant but when it comes to the execution of it, the creating phase. I just don't like it. And now, after two years of being at APIIT, i feel that IT ain't my thing anymore. Sure, college has been the best thing ever happen to me but IT seems like a dream that was only good when i was really into it. The only reason why i continue is because i have another year and a half to go before i get my degree and changing to another course is just not feasible.

And um, the amount of new blood(chicks la) is really encouraging too. But most of them happen to subscribe to the La La Club, the Feng Tau clan, the bell bottom crew or just plain bloody Ah Lians and Ah Bengs. These kids really crack me up with their style or lack of one and their antics. Reminds me of me when i was their age minus the ceiling high spiked hair and bell bottoms that can hide a grown man.

And once again, my friends have condemned my choice of females i choose to admire. She looked really good today, what with that Pantene hair of hers and her impeccable sense of dressing. I'm not looking out to get into another relationship just yet but i do really would like to get to know her more. She seems like a really pleasant gal and a charming young lady. Maybe i saying "hellos" and "how are yous" is as far as i will ever get with her.

Dang it, now i hate girls who attract my attention. I can't seem to get them out of my mind...