Saturday, 26 June 2004

F u c K

A policeman, who was off duty, decided to bang the side of a Proton Iswara this evening. Stupefied by the accident, the dude who was behind the wheel of the Proton forked out 50 buckeroos even though it wasn't his fault at all. FUCKING FARKING FUCKED UP WORLD!!! Grrrrr.....

Well, on to happier things, i finally talked to her. :) My friends say that i'm crazy and blind for saying that she's actually very pretty. They think she looks like an auntie of which at first glance may be the case but on closer inspection, her smile was enough to prove them wrong. Really sweet. And she's also the owner of a nice and clear voice. But then again, i barely scratched the surface of getting to know her. Guess i'll have to work hard now eh?

Damn, this week really sucks.

Monday, 21 June 2004

Call me Buttnuts :)

The new nick is kinda cool eh? ;)

Anyway, it's been one heck of week. Been sleeping at 3 and getting up at 6 the past few days trying to finish up the crap load of work i have accumulated over the past 3 months. Yes, the master procrastinator strikes again. It was going sooooooooo well in the first month, progress was like a speeding bullet, straight at the target. Then, shit happens and the bullet just stops and drops.


Oh well, no use crying over spilled HL Milk. I managed to finish almost 90% of what i was supposed to accomplish like last month. Just need to pretty things up and they're good to go.

My work outs are getting sloppier. Maybe i'm just tired. Or just plain lazy. At least my headbanging skills are still as awesome as ever. Though, swirly whirly images of my surroundings still elicit giggles from me. Hehehe.

And Malaysian Idol is quite good shit yo. That Fauziah Latiff ain't as sickly sweet as Paula. Which is very good indeed. Roslan is a farka while the ang mo is quite the laser tongue.

Need to ciao now. Oh yah, i was a bag of shyness when she walked passed by me today. Damn......

Thursday, 17 June 2004

Hmm,shit happens...

Sigh...what a day.Once again, i was horribly late for class.But thankfully,the lecturer didn't blow her top off as in other classes. She did however blew her face off when she caught my friend, who also happens to be my team mate, dozing off. As usual. But the tone and the look that she gave him....i still shudder just thinking about it.Her voice was so cold it was like the effects of getting bitten by a snake, the venom coursing in your veins,tightening the muscles and's all over. But nothing can compare to the stare she unleashed upon my stunned yet remorseless bud.Dagger stares don't even count zilch against her. And if that wasn't enough, my other good bud and my team mate also, was made a victim whereby he had to present our answers to the class.He got off....for now that is.

And i knew i should have trusted my instincts when my friend told me that submission of one of the projects is due tomorrow.Well sweet muthafakas of Hell,i nearly burst a vein in my head.The program ain't complete yet and the documentation is going on mighty shitty wicky dicky.But guess what boys and gals,the due date is actually next week! Hellalulah! Woop ti do.Relief is now my fave word.

And finally, the grand finale of American Idol was shown on Arsetro.La Toya London, what an amazing voice. George Huffles was as faggoty as ever and dear ole vomit-inducing-cos i'm-so-saccharine-sweet Jasmine Trias was as hot as always.She still can't sing nuts. I say Diana should have won but because of her screw up on the last song, the title went to Fantasia so fast, Ryan Seacrest became more metrosexual. I kid you not. Oh well, we'll see who's the real winner once their singles are released. Overall, good shite yo!

And um, this girl in my class gave me this really odd yet supremely tingly smile. Odd because it's not that kind of i'm smiling because your hairstyle sucks but it was that kind of smile that is only reserved when you're shy and you kinda um, suka kat orang tu(i don't want to use like as it's quite a strong word)...i'm so imagining things right now.

But truth be told, i felt pretty damn good for myself....

Tuesday, 15 June 2004


Last night was good and bad, both at the same time. Well,i think i'll start with the good part first. Went online at around 10pm which is a lil bit earlier than usual. I thought i could squeeze in an one hour's worth of crap. As you've probably guessed already, that never happened. What happened was that one hour became two, then in the end, three solid hours. My bum was sore. My fingers were all stiff cos i had to reply to so many people. But was i angry? Hell no!!! On the contrary, i thoroughly enjoyed myself. Played a few games with Jingy whereby i got my ass kicked in Bejeweled. I'm sooo gonna get you back! Mark my words! And along the way, i chatted with this girl i met a few weeks ago. Since i don't want to jinx my chances, i'll just say that it was a chat filled with hint bombs and flirtatious wonder.... That felt really queer.... Dang...

And today was truly a wasted day. Had a lab session whereby i did nothing except checked my mail and tried to look like as though i was doing my programming. Which i didn't naturally.

So, it's time for me to do work. I really need to because there's loads to do and time is running out. Then maybe, just maybe, i'll go online tonight. But not for a long time of course. We shall see....

Saturday, 12 June 2004

Dazed and confused. Just how i like it.

Dazed and confused. Just how i like it.

Yesterday was quite the eye opener.It all started with me when i decided to go to college instead of following my friends to take pictures and video clips of KL for our project.I reckoned that they could do it and that i was better off in college since i needed to settle a few things.

And it was the best decision i've made so far.I managed to download an obscene amount of stuff using APIIT's connection.It was heaven.All the bandwidth was mine.A 20 meg video clip was transfered and saved unto my beloved thumb drive in less than 2 minutes.Hehehe.Then lab session came to an end and so i decided to go to Sri Petaling for lunch with my buds.As i was about to go down the staircase came a sight so unbelieveable,so eye popping and soooo salivating worthy, i was stopped dead in my tracks and gawked.Gawked at my friend who prior to this extraordinary change was more than happy to dress in tomboyish clothing but for God knows what reason, she was dressed in a soft purple top with a white trouser thingy complete with not that high high heels. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! Didn't get to tell her how hot she looked though. Wasted.

So i thought to myself, should i or shouldn't i give it a go? It left me quietly contemplating the thought. I sort of like her but it's not that kind of like 'like'.You know? To tell you guys honestly, i have no idea whether or not i should attempt it.I don't think i'm ready for a new relationship just yet.I don't think she'll accept me either.

And yes, i'm still thinking about it.

And what to eat for breakfast tomorrow too.

Monday, 7 June 2004



I'm in college right now as i am typing this. I should be looking for the meanings of what the hell is Magic Lens, Cascading Menus and another one of which i can't recall. I don't think i want to. Been a lazy mutha the past week or so and it's driving me nuts. I don't want to be lazy. It's a sucky feeling knowing that even though work should be done but i end up doing up my Friendster profile thingy. Gahh!!!

And there's a radio god. Out of nowhere it started to read and play my cds. Ah, the sweet sounds of guitar riffs blaring, the bass lines grooving along, the drumming pummeling my head into oblivion and the vocals invoking ancient evils. Good stuff yo.

Haih, it's gonna be a long day indeed.

Sunday, 6 June 2004

The Awakening of the Beast

Looks who's back...

Muahahahaha! I'm back! And now i'm gone!!! Will post soon when my dang dong ding projects are done!!

Until then, take care yo!