Thursday, 27 April 2006

Wow, it’s been a while eh?

Recently I had the opportunity to join a really big company that would have given me the chance to prove my quality. It didn’t require me to troubleshoot problems relating to “How do I turn on my computer?” but rather, it entailed me to call complete strangers from a list of leads in order for me to present to them an investment opportunity like no other in the market today. Phew.

It was the perfect job.

But I declined it.

For starters, I suck when it comes to sales. I can’t even ‘sell’ myself let alone try and sell a concept to someone who could be a long lost uncle. Sure I thought it’d be a walk in the park. After all, what’s so hard about picking up the phone, dialling some numbers and then sweet talk the fellow into booking an appointment? There are ways and boy, there are ways. If the person can’t agree on the time, then it’s up to me to set a date. If the person feels that it’s a scam then I’ll to reassure him that I’m not selling anything but merely showing him an opportunity. Heck, some of the boys even trade tactics on how to coerce prospective clients. So there I was—for a day—trying my best to sound like professional who’s been in the business for years.

I had no problems with making the calls. I had no problems when it came to learning the ways on how to close a deal. I also had no problems when it came to working under a bloody strict yet downright pretty boss. Yet I walked away from an opportunity of a lifetime.

The problem that I did have was ME.

I don’t know how to explain it. I tried explaining it to my best friends and family but I ended up confounding myself. You know the feeling that you get when you try something new and almost in an instant you feel that, “Nah, this ain’t right for me.” Granted, I experienced it for only a day but to me I felt that it was enough to make a wise (hopefully) decision to walk away from a job that could potentially be the most rewarding experience of my life.

Was it the stress? Was it the cold calls I had to make? Was it because I was a coward and I didn’t want to face my fears?

Or was it simply because I listened to my heart and made a decision based on pure instinct?

Yes I wanted money. Yes I wanted the fame (I imagined I was being congratulated by the big boss himself). But above it all, I want to have a good lifestyle. But I will not go about it by sacrificing the most important things in my life: my beliefs, principles and integrity. You can call me anything you want; a quitter, a loser, a person who can’t take the heat. I left because I wanted to. I’m out of a game I know I won’t be able to play well. Not at this point in time anyway.

I have no regrets whatsoever. I feel that I’ve become more learned and wiser. I left on my own terms and no one can deny me that fact.

Chris is signing off. For now…

PS: I thank everyone who I met during my extremely brief stint. You know who you are.

Saturday, 1 April 2006

There’s something in them mountains I tell you…

It is 3.45 friggin’ a.m. I should be sleeping. I should be counting sheep. But I can’t. Not now. You see, I’ve just finally watched that darn cowboy movie. You know the one with two of Hollywood’s most promising young actors? It was also directed by that soft spoken Taiwanese who gave us that Chinese movie where the people could fly and young maidens could inflict serious damage to the auspicious jade balls of men. And guess what, it’s about 2 gay men and their forbidden love. No, it’s not Queer Eye for the Straight Cowboy, it is Brokeback Mountain!

And guess what? I kinda like it.

All right, we all know this movie and if you don’t, it’s either you’re ignorant about current cinema or you have taken shelter somewhere on a remote island to get away from the avian flu and petrol raises. So there’s really no need for me to tell you what it is about.

Heath Ledger while adroit at portraying his character’s emotions doesn’t really articulate his words well. It’s bad enough that the words come out from clenched teeth from a mouth that opens at a fraction, he even mumbles them. Jake on the other hand, played the jilted (and apparently, under sexed as well) “woman” quite well. And when he told off his father-in-law, I was rooting for him all the way.

Everybody’s favourite Disney princess, Anne Hathaway, makes an appearance as Jake Glylidunnohowtospellhisnameenhaal’s wife. In her desperate attempt to shake away her bubbly and bumbling image, she does what every actress who wants to be taken as a serious actress, by going topless. Yet again. Her other partial nude act was in Havoc. Albeit briefly, we do get a cameo of Ms. Hathaway’s boobs. While I commend her for taking on more serious roles, I can’t help but feel that she’s trying way too hard. The other actress (I don’t really care for her) was all right la.

So is the fuss about it justified? In a way, yes. 2 cowboys in the early 60’s fall in love while herding sheep in the mountains. You just don’ get it more exciting than that. Really. I won’t say more simply because it’s a movie that has to be watched in order to fully understand its story. Telling you will make it as though it is simply a gay movie, when in truth, it’s more than that. And yes, I got slightly freaked when a particular love scene took place. Let’s just say nothing will be able to top that for a long time.

To all the guys who plan to watch it, do so with a very open mind. Otherwise you’ll turn it off as soon as you see the two protagonists embracing one another.

Chris is signing off, Yeehaw!

PS: “I wish I knew how to quit you.” Dang, what a cool line.