Friday, 25 September 2009

It wasn't that bad after all!

The week of Hell has finally come and gone. The best part is that I've come out of it mostly unscathed and have a deeper of understanding of the work that's available to me.

Wow, indeed.

I feared the worst as I was assigned to not one, not two but three areas of which I'm terrified of. Not anymore. In fact, I sort of enjoyed the rush of things; I had to deal with sometimes 3 requests from 3 different sources and in the end still be focused on my main task.

Hopefully next week will be more of the same as it makes the time go by much quicker rather than feeling like time is slow and you feel like jumping off the damn building because of the sheer ennui that permeates the work place.

Am not going to go into boring details but I will say this: it was fun being the goto man. It made me feel...important.

I just need to remember to eat.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: 3 more months and it's 2010!

Monday, 21 September 2009

From nought to 300mph...

The last week has been simply and utterly...


From not doing much work to having practically a truckload of work dumped on me, it was the first time in a very long time I understood what it meant to be busy. You see, I'm not particularly fond of the word as I believe that being busy implies that you either have poor time management or you're actually busy. I have this allergy-like reaction towards this certain client of ours; the mere mention of its name is enough to induce me into a fiery ball of virulent madness.

I readily admit that I was overwhelmed. A certain wave of indecisiveness tends to hit me whenever I do something for the first time; am I doing it right or am I potentially screwing up an entire business? These thoughts need to be banished, I know, but when the enormity of the situation is presented onto me I can't help but feel a little bit bewildered by all that is going on. A smile is etched on my face when a new email arrives asking me what the hell is going? and there I am booking the most suitable slot to watch a movie this Saturday afternoon.

This is going to be yet another trying week but I'm going in with all guns blazing. I may duck and I may run, but I'll be damned if I don't give it my best. After all, I've already booked the tickets for this Saturday afternoon.

Selamat Hari Raya!

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Even taking a few sips of white wine is enough to get to my temperature boiling. No kidding!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Weird and me go hand-in-hand like butter on bread. And sometimes corn.

You know, sometimes a single word is able to encompass a person's nature so well it can be quite eerily uncanny. Like, for example, George W Bush. The words idiot, dumbass, Dubya, any one of those can be used on him and people will go, "Ahhhhh. True. Pass me the mash potatoes, thanks."

I've been labelled all sorts of derogatory terms growing up and even till now I am still receiving sobriquets of all sorts. But the one title that has been a part of my structure, my being, me, has to be Weird. You can call me strange, peculiar, odd, amazingly fooking hot (to those who've watched District 9, you know what I'm talking about), Weird has and will always most likely be the first thing people will associate me with. Besides new titles such as lovable, adorable, macho, etc of course but lets save those for another post...

As some of you might know, growing up I was always the one kid who didn't seem to fit in any where. Whenever festive season came about I would be placed with my cousins and when they played I was either not invited or I acted diffidently to their (reluctant) invitations. While now I consider myself the dark horse of the family during those times, I was able to assimilate myself to any situation that presented itself so it wasn't a case of that fat kid being antisocial. As such, I've always been comfortable doing things on my own. I find it cathartic; I can eat at my own pace, walk as fast or slow as I want to, scratch my bum when an itch came about, all that can be done without having to worry about someone else beside me. I never considered myself as being a loner, and I certainly don't think that was in any way weird.

I have the tendency to spout utterly random, inane things at times. Family and friends know this fact very well; they either think I'm talking to myself or that one of my screws is loose yet again. Such things are triggered by just about anything at all; it could be a word that I can put a pun or something I've watched in cinemas and is applicable to my daily life. And if I've a friend who can help me make the nonsense even more fun, the more inane I can get. (Thanks be to Frorinder Singgins. Really.)

Waffle Girl said that all people are weird in their own way. Yes and no. They're only thought of to be weird only if they have a certain foible or idiosyncrasy that is deemed anomalous to the norm. What's normal is weird and vice versa. It's just a matter of perception and the general acceptance of what is normal that sometimes confounds people. But that's how life is: one big pile of weird.

So, the next time you call someone weird, be sure that they are weird. For all you know, you're the weird one.

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Sandra Bullock is aging mightily well, no?

Friday, 4 September 2009


If some random person walks up to you, and asks coolly, “How would you describe yourself in 10 words,” what would you say? What would you honestly say?

After recovering from the initial shock of a person, who out of thin air (a bit hazy, too), is asking me about me, I’d say “Huh?” loudly with a look on my face that’s a mix somewhere between a stunned rabbit and a puzzled potato. I guess my answer would be (and said with utmost confidence):

I’m a boring guy with an exciting life.

I sense puzzlement. I’m 25 but I still think like a 24-year-old.

Are you capable of letting complete strangers know who you are in 10 words? Heck, I couldn’t even describe myself in a single blog post. Is it even remotely possible to give them a clear-cut representation of yourself in a sentence? If you’re brave enough you could do the three-word vend: Cool, Content, Confounded. But since I don’t fall into that category, my explanation would include a whole lot of Um’s and Ugh’s.

Coming back to the question: if this was thrown at me during a job interview, I would say that I’m hardworking, conscientious and able to adapt to any situation (except for ones that involve accountants or lawyers) that is presented to me. I do have to sell myself, you know. Of course, in interviews, such cover-ups are sometimes justified, especially if you're currently employed in a draconian company that preys on its minions and you really, really want to get out.

To truly describe what I'm like is to know me. Really. I can be goofier than a college kid high on carbonated drinks and fast food but I can delve into the psyche of someone who is like Donald Trump, minus the silly hair-do, naturally. I wasn't like this, no, it took some time for me to differentiate silly and serious. I interject silliness into serious proceedings once in a while, but only to alleviate the air of pervasive dread and provided if I know the people are fine with a little lighthearted moment. Or two. Or three.

I've noticed that I am a little more juvenile when I'm around my college mates, as they have known me longer and we are able to tolerate each others' ramblings. Around my work mates, though, I'm still me but not as hyper. I guess I'll assess the situation and tweak my character accordingly. There are times where being yourself is the right thing to do but sometimes a little less of your true self can lead to a much better place. Like, for example, being accepted at your potential employer's company!

This is Chris, signing off.

PS: Ladies, I am cool and confident. Really.