Saturday, 28 August 2004

Blimey!Sri Petaling has zit inducing air!

The air over there it seems doesn't like me.Every time i go and eat at any of the eateries there i come back with zits.Arghhh!Or was it the horrible Maggi Goreng i had for as my dinner at 1 am to be cause of my outbreak?

I attended my college's Cultural Night.Or for a more accurate description,Indian Culture with some Malay and Chinese People Here and There Night.It's true.But i guess that's what you get when the committee is made up of almost entirely of Indians with a couple of non Indians in the mix.But that's not the point and it shouldn't be as well since it was all about having a great time.And great fun indeed i had.I did things that not only contradicted my M E T A L beliefs but also things that are so not me at all...


I boogied.I jiggied.I had my hands up in the air.I shooked my bloody booty for crying out loud!!!And by the end of it all i was drenched in my sweat and mybody aching from all the jiveing i did.But none of that bothered me.No sirree.It was the best fun i had in a very long time.

But the best thing that happened and it is something that i will always remember was that i forged new friendships and strengthened others.I'm happy to say the least as i've gotten to know more a few people i thought i'd never get close to.I'm glad that i went,for the experience and the fun i had with my friends is truly amazing and special.

What a wonderful night it was...

Wednesday, 25 August 2004


Why do i keep thinking about you?
Why do i feel that you're looking at me when i do the same to you?
Why do i wish i was braver so that i may have a decent chat with you?
Why do i get goosebumps every time i see you?
Why don't you come up to me instead and ask me out?
Why do i feel for you in the first place?

And why do i keep asking these questions when i know the answers?

The opposite sex is making me mad at the moment.But i seem to love it...

Friday, 20 August 2004

Nasi lemak vending machines are the shit.

Phew,the last 5 days have truly tested my patience,well-being and sanity.I'm gonna keep everything short and simple.*actually i don't remember much*

Monday : First day of 3rd sem and it felt pretty good to be back among my friends.It was also odd in a way because even though the break was 3 weeks but it felt and looked as if only 3 days have gone past.We all settled down pretty much instantly,even groupings were finalized.All in all,not much happened here except that i was a pussy and didn't gather my courage to talk to her more,to get to know her better.

Tuesday : Pretty standard stuff happened.Did some studying and made fun of people as usual.Was made representative for my stream and for the first time ever,i'm not a leader for one of my subjects.After being leader for all of my previous subjects abd and now i'm just a member and taking orders from someone else than me,it felt pretty weird.And shitty too.Can't boss people around anymore.
Still didn't talk to her.

Wednesday : Was quite beat from yesterday as i slept around 2am,got up at 6am and class was up to 5pm today.Crap cakes indeed.And guess what,i'm not a leader for another subject!!!Wow,i'm getting used to this.Watched Ed and i must say,this is one funny show.
Still didn't get to talk to her.

Thursday : Horrible day.It seemed that everyone was tired,including yours truly.It was like a 'let's all be tired!' procession.Am finally leader for one subject.
She didn't come today.

Friday : Holy cow shit! What a jam today.While my friend was sleeping soundly,i was busy trying to weave in and out of traffic because i felt like sleeping my ass off.Really really sleepy.Reached college with about 10 minutes to spare.Wowza.And i wasn't the only one with eyes that were all droopy and so wanted badly to sleep.That is what Friday can do to you i suppose.Had a mini presentation where i had to present my group's version of a nasi lemak(or rice fat) vending machine.I made it a comedic act and managed to illicit rapturous laughter and guffaws from the class.She must have enjoyed it,since i could see that she was laughing a lot.And so did her friend...

I missed my chances to talk to her and her friend,sigh...What is wrong with me?I'm such a sissy.Maybe i'm afraid of being rejected.That would suck indeed if it happened.

Arghh!!!What the heck,i'm going for it.No harm in trying right?

Thursday, 12 August 2004

Of popcorn,soft drinks and Arabians...

Ah,the cinema.The only true way of watching a movie nowadays.Gone are the days of watching pirated VCDS,the jerky camera shots,the horrible sound quality where i can hear some old lady eating popcorn with her mouth wide open and of course,watching it on a tiny screen(at least for me though).Instead,i go to the cinema and guess what?I get even more pissed at the cinema!

The minute i step into the designated cinema,the foreboding sense of pissed offness creeps in.Firstly,i the seats.They're small.I'm a big boy.I have large thighs courtesy of my days as a former lard tub.Then the arm rests are damaged and in some cases even missing.What the hell?How in the world can it be damaged?Or worse,missing?Did a disgruntled movie goer destroy the arm rest in frustration because his/her popcorn was not corny enough?Mind boggling.

Next up,the ads.Some are funny like the currently being-played-in-cinemas-now-ad Jennifer Aniston one for Heineken,she looks pretty there for some strange reason.hmm.Some of it are so bad,i don't want to remember(actually i really don't remember)AND I REALLY THOSE BUGGERS WHO LAUGH AT THE MAXIS AD WHERE THEY ASK YOU TO BE MORE COURTEOUS WHEN IN THE CINEMA BUT IN THE MINUTE OR SO,THEY'RE HANDPHONE GOES OFF AND THEY YACK AND YACK FOR THE WHOLE CINEMA TO HEAR,GODDAMN BUNCH OF HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES!!!! Phew....

As much as we tout that are cinemas are quite advanced.It's all a bunch of lies.People skins are yellow or blacker according to the race of course,the sound system is ear drum unfriendly,it's either way too much bass or too much treble and the seats are just terrrible!!I already mentioned the seats haven't I?Hmm....

But overall the thrill and excitement of catching a movie in the cinema is unrivalled,especially if you're going with a bunch of friends.I particularly love it when after the movie,we will enact some of the scenes again which usually are superbly hilarious.I'm being modest here too.*hehehe*

And here's a big tip: NEVER EVER SIT NEAR ARABIANS OR BETTER YET,GET OUT OF THE CINEMA IF YOU SEE THEM.They will translate the entire movie in their own language,to their family members whose command of the English language is limited to,"Where's the lamb?",WHILE THE FRIGGING MOVIE IS STILL BEING RUNNING.And better yet,they'll even yell if there's action scenes.Yep,nothing like a gun fight peppered with some Arabian yelling "Kebab!" at the same time.Great fun!!!

Oh well,can't wait for Aliens vs Predator.It looks cool.Hopefully as an Alien is tearing a Predator into pieces,i won't hear someone saying,"I love camels!" or i'll be pissed.Extremely pissed.

Monday, 9 August 2004

Who wants a butt whoopin'?

It's been fairly a warped week for me.I think i'm suffering from some form of man-period.My feelings and emotions have been up and down so often that i've a headache now.You see,as much as i love and respect my 'brothers',i'm beginning to distrust them and at times,even hating them.

Everyone loves a joke right?And when you're in a gang that's made up of some of the most fucked up people on the planet,jokes never cease to run out.Then there's the teasing.A little here and there is cool with me but when it becomes too often and when i become the butt of it,EVERY OTHER SINGLE FUCKING TIME,it gets downright hurtful.I may sound like i'm bitching and all,even being too sensitive but what if said that you're style of dressing is terrible every time i see you?Or if i said,"You're stupid",will you smile?It may be a joke to you but after hearing that "You're acting like an uncle la" for the 666th time is both annoying and hurting.I know they don't really mean it but c'mon?What if i said that you're actually an Ah Beng,conforming to the dogmas that are preached by Sg Wang's Ah Beng commnunity?Or you're an asshole who just likes to drink alcohol just for the heck of it.And now you lie right to my face?That's simply low.

I keep quiet,simply because i'm the better person.This may make me sound like a complete fucker but it has to be said,without my help in the many projects,assignments and even the help i gave when we had exams,they would have failed.Failed brilliantly i might add.Who was the one rushing to finish up work knowing the due date is nearing?You and your nonchalance just brush me aside and say that "I Dunno Lar".

If you all are reading this and you have a problem with what i wrote,all i can i say is;start acting like a man and face me like the goddamn pussy that you are.