Tuesday, 28 February 2012

48 - 5. Do the math. That's how much sleep I got.

The body is an amazing object. Until you fuck it up with not getting sleep. Then, it starts to defy you. It forces your eyes to close half way. Your limbs start to feel heavy, and you realise you are dragging them like an ape.

When you tell your family you worked that much, they'll shudder and eyes get bigger. Why, they ask? How could such an organisation treat their staff in such a way. Thus begins the explanation. Ah, they go. Huh, they say. Take care is the end line. Skype call over, your body begins to shut down like whether you want or not. It's like an incessant prompt from your IT department to install mandatory software updates that you keep on clicking later and later then it says fuck you, we're installing now so save your work as fast as you can 'cos we're gonna do this shit now. 

The minute your head touches the pillow, sleep takes over you. Your mind is at ease, finally. 30 minutes later, you wake up. It's 2:47PM. Body clock and mind in total disarray. The body is depleted but the mind refuses to bend to its soporific grasp. Mind over matter? Mind wins. So the next 24 hours become odd, the mind is sort of fresh but the body is completely fucked. You know what I mean? Then, you go back to work at 5:05AM to continue where you left off.

Wonderful, isn't it?


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Maria Celina said...

Good grief, is it legal for people to work you that hard? I really hope that you are making the most of your weekends to re-charge, though.

Hang in there, Chris, and get Zzzz's when you can. In between shifts, during your 10-minute break, leaning against the vending machine, you name it. Your readers, but most of all, you need it.

Take care, bro.