Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Happy New Year. Happy Chinese New Year. Ha..Fuck it, 2012 already sucks.


How are you doing? I hope the holidays have been kind to you. Rejuvenated, I am. This is the second time I'm back in KL in a month and it feels great. Except for the heat. The damn, freaking heat. But all is swell in the household. Tomorrow, I will fly back to the island of tender characters who masquerade behind a wall of falseness to hide their lack of spine. Highfalutin is their calling card and highfalutin they shall be known thenceforth. 

Gosh, I love Dictionary.com. 

It's been nearly 7 months since I've left home to work abroad and the inevitable I-miss-home feeling is still there and strikes its hardest blow the day before departure. Mummy's boy I am and will always be. Yes, every month I will post something similar to this but it's the truth and it's easier to write the truth. I leave the lying in fiction. 

2012 started decently, to put it mildly. People were still in the holiday mood thus were more forgiving of one's mistake. As the days went by, that same forgiving nature was replaced with a more familiar tone: kiasu. Yes, the stories are indeed true. And I will reinforce this statement till the day I die. It's like they are born with a predefined fear of failing that they actually botch things because a one-time take on things is the only way and mistakes receive punishment of the highest order. Argh, all this anger is making me hungry for food. Real food. Read: Malaysian food. 

And don't get me started on the accent. 

I'm saving that for the next post. 



Maria Celina said...

How come I read the first paragraph of your post with a posh English accent in my head? For some reason, it also had a mustache. Like a Sr. Okay, Maria, step away from the 9GAG.

I am glad that you started 2012 really well, and I hope that in spite of the hiccups that may come along the way, that you plow through them like the trooper you are! =)

Maria Celina said...

Okay, I think I was meant to spell "Sir", instead of "Sr" there. Mea culpa.

Chris said...

Thanks, Maria. Yes, I know I am late as usual these days when it comes to blogging.