Thursday, 14 June 2012

The dust has settled.

I am at home. In the morning. On a weekday. I am still getting paid. It's been 3 weeks since the project I was in ended. At first, it was rapture; no more getting up wishing the nightmare would end. Day in, day out, I would be subjected to mental torture. Many a time I wanted to give up and throw my laptop through the window but the thought of paying for the damaged window and laptop put me off every time. Instead, I told myself, one shitty part of the work at a time. So on my last day, it was all peace and quiet. 5:30PM came, I packed, said good-bye to the team and left.

The week after the project was bliss. Still woke up the same time but with a smile on my face. Didn't need to go the office anymore. That week was great. I slowly packed my stuff for the holiday the following week, played games and watched shows while checking mails. Best part? No mails of importance! Joy!

Fast forward to the present, I am wearing shorts and a smelly tee. Had my morning coffee, saw my girl off to work, watched a bit of Rachael Ray (whom I have a like/dislike thing) then checked my mails again. Nada. Not a thing of importance. I sent mails to my scheduler and counsellor asking for help in providing me information on courses I can attend while I wait for a new assignment. Nada. At least I tried, right?

Simply said, I am too lazy to be lazy. I get restless pretty easily. Whilst on holiday, I was thinking of what to do next after the first day even though we had things planned out. I am like a child with mild ADD. Can't sit down too much lest I waste away. My family and friends say take this time to rest and relax, after all, I did give my all to the project for nearly a year. Time to rejuvenate, they say.

But the time has come for me get back into the field. Being at home and doing things at a leisurely pace has been the greatest feeling after the nightmare yet I want to be in the thick of the action again. I checked my mails again, you guessed it, nada.

Time for Rachael Ray again.


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Maria Celina said...

Ah, Chris, you and I suffer from the same affliction: restlessness, and the need to be busy. When there are idle times in the office, I find myself with no clue in how to spend the slow time. I'd like to think that we're the type of people who needs a constant exercise of mind. That may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Hoping that your re-entrance back into the field has greeted you with just enough work to keep you happy, and not overwhelmed.